Develope Nokia N9 successor Meego Harmmattan with Pureview
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Develope Nokia N9 successor Meego Harmmattan with Pureview

    1. Mohammad Kabalan
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      Mohammad Kabalan

      Nabk, Syrian Arab Republic

The Nokia N9 is special, it's the only Nokia that has no variants , Meaning united fans that have the collective power to force a doomed non-existence ecosystem, Developers have almost solved every problem the Nokia N9 has from adding the Radio Functionality (Using some sort of Bluetooth manipulations)
to things like the absence of a camera shutter button by utilizing the volume up button to take photos (With focus), they also introduced alternative features to unlocking the phone
customizing the backgrounds of the three homescreens with moving wallpapers
, or simply creating a widget based launcher that looks very much like Touchwiz of Android.
along with a great app for freeing ram
Also deserves a mention Easy Answer a free app that found it's way to the Nokia N9 lately cleverly answers calls the Samsung SIII way by just holding the phone to your ear while the phone is ringing. It also has a trick or two to end calls , very handy ...

and because of Nokia's excellent pay by bill availabilities these apps are finding their way legally to most Nokia N9's, Unlike the strict credit based and location based market place of Windows Phones.

Lately i find my self not looking for an OS update a thing that i bet no other OS user in the world could say and i really don't care about PR1.3 and don't really need more features ( although some memory leakage fixes and code tuning and optimization will certainly be appreciated

The above mentioned facts and tips for some ;) , are clear indicatives that Meego-harmmattan OS won fans (unlike every Symbian device) , encouraged developers (unlike Symbian) , delivered on UX and UI (unlike Symbian) ,
And the reason for all this success with this OS , is the absence of the fragmentation Nokia creates by introducing many incomplete handsets that doesn't satisfy common demands of it's users
How can Nokia have created a Symbian PureView and Not a Meego one , When Clearly Meego was better equipped with fans that would've utilized this camera to do wonders

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    • bader elrayah JEDAH, SAUDI ARABIA
      • about 2 years ago


    • Haniff Rosly SELANGOR, MALAYSIA
      • about 2 years ago

      Meego is a great OS

    • Justin Ching DURHAM, NC
      • about 2 years ago

      I love me some meeegooo

    • Elio Alves GAIA, PORTUGAL
      • about 2 years ago

      don´t kill MeeGo

    • melwyn dsouza DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
      • over 2 years ago

      bcoz i own N9


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