No Subway Under Beverly Hills High School (BHHS)
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Michael D. Antonovich
MTA Board Member, Duarte Mayor
John Fasana
MTA Board Member, Glendale
Ara Najarian
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Pam O'Connor
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Antonio R Villaraigosa
MTA Board Member
Don Knabe
MTA Board Member
Mark Ridley-Thomas
MTA Board Member
Mel Wilson
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Richard Katz
Second Vice Chair
Diane DuBois
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Zev Yaroslavsky
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José Huizar
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Gloria Molina

No Subway Under Beverly Hills High School (BHHS)

    1. Stella Sarraf, Ph.D.
    2. Petition by

      Stella Sarraf, Ph.D.

      Beverly Hills, United States

The safety of our students is at stake. Nowhere else in California does a subway run directly under permanent school buildings and while Metro has other options our High School has nowhere else to go.

Michael D. Antonovich, First Vice Chair
John Fasana, MTA Board Member, Duarte Mayor
Ara Najarian, MTA Board Member, Glendale
Pam O'Connor, MTA Board Member
Antonio R Villaraigosa, MTA Chair
Don Knabe, MTA Board Member
Mark Ridley-Thomas, MTA Board Member
Mel Wilson, MTA Board Member
Richard Katz, MTA Board Member
Diane DuBois, Second Vice Chair
Zev Yaroslavsky, MTA Board Member
José Huizar, MTA Board Member
Gloria Molina, MTA Board Member
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Metro.

No Subway Under Beverly Hills High School

The safety of our students is at stake. Nowhere else in California does a subway run directly under permanent school buildings and while Metro has other options our High School has nowhere else to go.


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    2. Geotechnical Expert Says Santa Monica Boulevard Has No Active Earthquake

      Stella Sarraf, Ph.D.
      Petition Organizer

      New research claiming Santa Monica Boulevard might be completely devoid of any active earthquake faults was presented. This would validate MTA's original plan to tunnel under Santa Monica Blvd saving the extra $60MM projected to tunnel under BHHS, shorten time for subway construction, increasing ridership for subway, and most importantly saving taxpayer dollars on ongoing litigations and getting the subway to the sea completed for the citizens of LA. Everyone will win and our students and teachers safety will not be compromised!

    3. Video on extreme consequences of tunneling funded by BH PTA

      Stella Sarraf, Ph.D.
      Petition Organizer

      In an effort to stop the Metropolitan Transportation Authority from tunneling under Beverly Hills High School as part of the Westside Subway Extension and resume discussions on tunneling under Santa Monica Blvd (their initial and preferred route), a video was released to illustrate a worst-case scenario for BHHS students and teachers. The video depicts a real and heightened risk associated with tunneling under the High school which sits above an oil field.

    4. LA Rejects MTA Seismic Study; Approves 39-Story Tower On Top Of ‘MTA Faults

      Stella Sarraf, Ph.D.
      Petition Organizer

      Developer Experts Say MTA “Guessed” – No Active Faults Found

      Despite reports paid for by Metro claiming the area was seismically unsafe for a subway station, the city of Los Angeles in February approved a high-rise condo tower to be built at 10000 Santa Monica Boulevard in Century City, just south of Beverly Hills High School.

    5. Metro Committee Recommends To Board: Tunnel Under BHHS

      Stella Sarraf, Ph.D.
      Petition Organizer

      The Metropolitan Transit Authority Planning and Programming Committee voted 3-1-1 to recommend the Metro Board approve the staff recommended Westside Subway Extension alignment complete with a terminus station at Wilshire/La Cienega and a tunnel underneath Beverly Hills High School. County Supervisor Michael Antonovich voted against and Santa Monica Councilmember Pam O’Connor abstained.

      After the Federal Transit Authority extended the public comment period for the final Environmental Impact Statement until May 22, Antonovich requested the Metro Board also extend its public comment period and postpone voting on the subway alignment until the May 30 board meeting. This motion died for a want of a second.

    6. Reached 1,000 signatures
    7. Rep. Waxman's Letter to Metro CEO raises concern on tunneling under BHHS

      Stella Sarraf, Ph.D.
      Petition Organizer

      In a letter to the CEO of Metro, Arthur Leahy, Rep. Waxman asks the agency to carefully consider Beverly Hills officials' safety concerns for the Westside subway:

      "As you know, subway safety has been a top priority of mine. I have heard a great deal of concern from the Beverly Hills community about the proposed Century City station at Constellation Boulevard, because of the possible safety risks involved with tunneling under Beverly Hills High School. The City of Beverly Hills and the Beverly Hills Unified School District have commissioned independent studies and made a strong case that the route poses safety risks and would be less desirable for cost, speed and ridership."

    8. Reached 500 signatures
    9. Metro Still Advocates Tunneling Beneath BHHS

      Stella Sarraf, Ph.D.
      Petition Organizer

      Metro issued another slap to Beverly Hills today when it released a 44-page response to the Hazard Assessment Study for the Westside Subway Extension that the city commissioned environmental consulting firm Exponent to perform.

      In a study conducted by engineering and management firm Parsons Brinckerhoff, Metro alleged that Exponent’s findings on the seismic and tunneling safety issues related to the project were flawed and that Exponent lacked sufficient familiarity, adequate analysis and information available to Metro to make the determination that tunneling could not be safely accomplished under Beverly Hills High School.

      The Metro Board of Directors will be voting are scheduled to vote on the Final Environmental Impact Report at their April 26 meeting at 9 a.m. in the Metro headquarters.

    10. Reached 250 signatures
    11. BH City Council Hires Lawyer to prepare for MTA litigation

      Stella Sarraf, Ph.D.
      Petition Organizer

      The Beverly Hills City Council will now retain lawyers expert in matters under the California Environmental Quality Act in preparation for litigation against the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) over its proposed Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Westside Subway Extension. CEQA lawyers typically bring lawsuits to challenge the adequacy of environmental impact reports as a means of stopping or changing proposed projects like the subway extension. The decision was made unanimously in a closed session on Tuesday

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    Reasons for signing

    • Josephine Friedman LOS ANGELES, CA
      • 10 months ago

      It is dangerous

    • Alexis Warde LOS ANGELES, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      Because This is my school and I don't want my fellow classmates plus me sick

    • Joyce Trabulus BEVERLY HILLS, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      What idiots would build under a school with thousands of kids - disrupt their only high school education and experience , endanger their lives and their health , destroy property values for years around that site and perhaps all of beverly hills. What would B H do with thousands of kids if something happens to the school and they have to go elsewhere? and who would pay for that? the MTA? The city? the State? don't think so ! What idiot couldn't come up with a plan that didn't involve our children to accomodate a few rich developers. Idiots who shouold never hold elected office again and won't if this goes through !!! We will see to that if they are irresponsible to their electorate to the safety of our children and the desires of the community.I am especially disgusted by Zev Yaroslavsky, who I've always respected and admired No longer!! And Mayor Villaraigosa ?? Are you kidding? YOu helped Childrens Hospital HOW CAN YOU DO THIS??? FIND ANOTHER ROUTE

    • Eric Simsolo BEVERLY HILLS, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I went to BHHS

    • Behtaj Amiri BEVERLY HILLS, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      Existing technology can do better than the subway. We don't use it for the same backward reason why the freeways are widened which is only a band-aid solution, and inventions that can help humanity are quashed. Corporate GREED.

      Solving any large city's traffic congestion via an invention using current affordable technology.

      The problem isn't over-population. We've resorted to using our personal vehicles too often because our mass-transit system is inadequate and unattractive in many ways. Using our personal vehicles for all our transportation needs is like using the same pair of shoes to go hiking, to a wedding, to the beach or to play tennis.

      I solve this problem with a new mass-transit vehicle & system which anyone would look forward to using. Right now we look forward to using our personal vehicles, no one looks forward to using any of our current mass transit options. Having a mass transit system that people "look forward to using" is what's missing and I've got it. It saves time and energy. It improves our air quality by cutting traffic to less than 50% of today's levels. Costs less to build than subway. Quiet & sexy enough that I believe even Beverly Hills would welcome it. Right now the traffic is killing people's energy. Riding this mass transit system, people can relax and arrive more rested than when they started. Less stress is a good thing no matter where your going. It will have a significant effect in the economy as well as in our personal lives. It also gives back the hours being lost in today's traffic. The positive impact to society is wildly significant simply because we have allowed the current mess to get so bad before we think of a better way. (correction, before we stop the greedy from quashing our better ideas) Which by the way is the corner stone idea of my philanthropic work, fighing selfishness and greed. I identify where the most pain / loss / or "damage occurring" is, And apply logic to find a better way.

      We keep widening our freeways knowing that by the time we're done we've already outgrown them. This is not a remedy. This is frivolous job creation.

      I called the US DOT (Dept. Of Transportation). They invited me to present my invention in detail, but wouldn't agree to sign a non-disclosure first.

      I need legal & financial support to Package, Protect & Present this invention. It will put a halt to all subway construction or any tunneling under ground.


      The financial success of this or any one of my other ideas will help fund my philanthropic solutions to Significant'y Improving Humanity which is logically inevitable as my work gains attention of the Critical Mass.


      Behtaj Baroukh Amiri

      Founder 1a, Philanthropist, Analyst

      Cell: 424-222-3331 I answer callers on my contact list. Please leave a message and I will call back.


      ___ Human Improvement Solution Examples ___ - My formula for World Peace. - 1 of 5 girls is sexually abused by age 11. Men cause this damage. Read my solution. - Vertical Farming. The answer to Monsanto's GMO infested farm lands, and much more. - I'm not a Feminist, but I blame men for it as well as other serious problems in the world. - My business plan to save charitable organizations before they die in this economy. - Bringing attention to my philanthropic mission via art. - Bringing attention to my philanthropic mission via poker chip sculptures. - Smart way to Marriage - Smart way to Elect Politicians - Smart way to Educate - How employees are paid worldwide is illegal and damages the economy even more than the Federal Reserve and its Banking scam.

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