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    1. David Q. Harris
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      David Q. Harris

      Salt Lake City, UT

BYU proposes to remodel current space at the LDS Missionary Training Center (MTC) by tearing down five buildings and erecting one 9-story building adjacent to residential neighborhoods. No growth; no expansion; just redistribution of space and an upgrade in technology. The proposed building will be 160 feet high and will be wider than it is tall. At 160 feet, the proposed building is the same height as (and wider than) the BYU Kimball Tower. We believe that alternatives are available to the developer that would conform to the characteristics of the educational, business and residential neighborhoods of Provo. We support alternatives that maintain the maximum height of the MTC buildings no higher than is currently constructed and petition BYU and Provo City to so act.

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    • Sharon Stallard PROVO, UT
      • over 2 years ago

      I would like to see the MTC planners start building buildings on the other half of their property across 9th East where their is currently a huge field that the church has to keep maintained. I believe the original plan was to have their buildings evenly distributed on all of their land. The reason the MTC planners think they have to build up to gain extra space is because they are trying to cram all of their buildings on half of their land.

      If they don't want to use the other half of their land then they could cut their missionary load in half. They could send the English and Spanish speaking missionaries to a new MTC campus in maybe St George, Manti, Logan, Draper or by some other temple. These missionaries do not need to be by a university.

      When I look out my kitchen window I would rather see the mountains than a huge sky scraper.

    • Natasha Kewene-Hite FONTAINEBLEAU, FRANCE
      • over 2 years ago

      While not a current resident, I've spent a huge portion of my twenties in Provo. I spent a tremendous amount of time running in and around those neighborhoods immediately around the Temple and the MTC. While I appreciate the needs of the Church to expand as proposed, I agree with many of the reasons of those who previously signed, and simply put, you are neighbors and must work with the residents, not around them. The skills sets and means to access them to find creative solutions are available and should be utilized.

    • Abbie Rufener ARLINGTON, VA
      • over 2 years ago

      While I no longer live in Provo, I spent over 7 years there as a student, grad student and in the MTC as a missionary. I feel that there could be more from the Church in addressing the viewpoints of the many families that call the area home. In such a beautiful part of the country why not think outside the box when building. I completely understand the desire to be efficient but if we continue to build up, up, up, the beauty that we live in will be lost amongst the renovations and upgrades of life.

    • Heather Buczek STURGIS, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      It is a shame to build something so tall and make a beautiful neighbourhood ugly

    • Roselle Stevenson PROVO, UT
      • over 2 years ago

      I love the "Pleasant View" neighborhood! I lived at 1857 North 500 East, Provo, when the MTC was built on the beautiful orchard where I spent many happy hours. I recall the discussion at that time about an agreement regarding restrictions on the MTC building sizes, so as to avoid blocking our view of the mountains. I recognize the need for increasing the size of facilities for the MTC, however, I do not agree that their need should change the character of the present neighborhood and possibly eliminate the existing Pleasant View Chapel. That is a convenient and well-loved gathering place.

      Would it be possible to build more efficiently designed new buildings at the current level and expand some MTC facililties across the street to the east? Perhaps the foreign language dormatories could be relocated to another side of campus. I hate to think of the negative effects of the 9-story proposal on the neighborhood beauty, property values, and backyard privacy. In addition, if an alternative expansion plan requires residents to attend their multiple church and neighborhood functions in another location, all the individuals in that neighborhood would bear the extra gasoline costs and feel added concern for the safety of children, the elderly, and others who traditionally walk to church. Relocating the Pleasant View Chapel could have a negative impact on the environment because of added driving for many cars and many families.

      Let's not settle on any of the current alternatives yet. Certainly there are bright and creative minds who can propose better architechture and design, or perhaps a different location, and a better solution for all involved. LDS values include honesty in any prior agreements, zoning, or law that may (or may not) pertain here, preservation of beauty, and respect for all that contributes to the happy and secure family life of all the property owners and residents of homes in the Pleasant View neighborhood.


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