No More Tears: Tell the Profiteers at CSI to Stop Selling Tear Gas to Israel
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Don Smith, CEO Combined Systems Inc.
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Leo Helmers and James C. Shevlet, Jr., The Carlyle Group

No More Tears: Tell the Profiteers at CSI to Stop Selling Tear Gas to Israel

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In January 2011, women and civic groups from across Israel and Palestine flooded the streets to mourn Jawaher Abu Rahma, an activist who was participating in a weekly demonstration against Israel’s land confiscations and separation wall when she was hit with tear gas fumes, collapsed, and died on New Years’ Eve.

Jawaher is only the most recent protester killed or seriously injured by the tear gas purchased from Pennsylvania-based company Combined Systems Inc. and fired by the Israeli military. Jawaher’s brother was killed almost two years ago and two US citizens, Tristan Anderson and Emily Henochowicz, were injured last year.

Take action with us to stop the gas and the tears: Sign our petition to executives at CSI and their investors telling them to stop selling to the Israeli military.

Combined Systems Inc. (CSI) is located in Jamestown, Pennsylvania, but the tear gas canisters it makes litter the villages of Palestinians thousands of miles away. The Israeli military is using CSI’s tear gas as a weapon as it tries to crush the growing movement of unarmed protest against Israel’s illegal confiscation of Palestinian land for Israeli settlements.

Even more disturbing, you as a US taxpayer are paying for at least some of the tear gas that Israel is shooting at Palestinian, Israeli and international protesters. In 2007 and 2008, the US State Department provided $1.85 million worth of "tear gasses and riot control agents" to Israel as part of the US's $3 billion in annual military aid to Israel.

CSI teargas is also being used to repress peaceful pro-democracy protesters in the streets of Cairo and throughout the US. Students at UC campuses and activists at Occupy encampments have been brutalized by this harmful weapon as well.  

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    • Aftab Siddiqui ARLINGTON, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      It is the right thing to do.

    • Richard Seeger CHEBOYGAN, MI
      • almost 3 years ago

      We have so much violence there, and we all want peace in the Middle East.

    • izvhsfoqvh izvhsfoqvh WJGYCWNHFXOPBVQEOO, WI
      • over 3 years ago

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    • Stone Iwaasa KAHNAWAKE, CANADA
      • over 3 years ago

      Nor should the Canadian neighbors add to the stealing and destruction in Palestine such as the financial interests paying for illegal appartment buildings by Israeli settlersin Bi'lin. These parties have now been taken to court in Montreal.

    • Kim Taylor HILLSDALE, MI
      • over 3 years ago

      Stop this horrendous act and leave these protestors alone! We all have a right to believe what we want to believe and protest. Stop trying to take their rights away! Stop using U.S. tax money for abuse. How could anyone not support peace? Leave these people alone and stop trying to keep them for standing up for what's right.


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