No Lion Tacos in Arizona
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No Lion Tacos in Arizona

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      Martin Matheny

      Athens, GA

January 2011


Just a few months after another Arizona restaurant was blasted for having lion burgers on the menu, Boca Tacos y Tequila started a promotion for lion meat tacos as a way to make their name known. They got publicity, but not exactly what they expected. Over 3,000 members asked the restaurant not to serve the inhumane, unsustainable dish. On January 24, Boca Tacos y Tequila announced on their Facebook page that lion tacos are off the menu and any money already collected from pre-orders would be refunded. 

While African lions are not endangered, they are a vulnerable species, and serving lion meat supports inhumane lion farming and creates a demand in the global market for poachers.

Recently, the Arizona restaurant Boca Tacos y Tequila announced that it would be serving lion tacos as a promotional stunt.

Even though the lion meat comes from a farm in America, not the wilds of Africa, serving lion is still a major problem -- it creates demand and a larger market for poachers to slaughter wild lions. In addition, lion "farms" in America are not suitable habitats for these creatures. 

Lion meat isn't a publicity tool, it's an outrage. Tell Boca Tacos y Tequila to cancel their lion stunt and stick to sustainable sources for their menu.

Photo credit: cheetah100

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      Update: On January 24, Boca Tacos y Tequila announced on their Facebook page that they will not be serving lion tacos on February 16th and will refund any money already collected from pre-orders. While the restaurant cited "concern for safety of our...


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