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NO KXL NO TAR SANDS Unity Statement supporters: Sign this Unity Statement petition to be delivered to TransCanada & other tar sands corporations' soon.KXL TruthForce

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As Pres. Obama inches closer to releasing a decision about the fate of the KXL pipeline many of us actively opposing the pipeline have witnessed a well orchestrated & lavishly funded attempt by the fossil fuel industry to use any opportunity to blunt the enormous groundswell of opposition to tar sands extraction and transport. That same fossil fuel industry has employed the time tested “divide and conquer” approach to solving the “problem” we pose. TransCanada Corp (TC) & their cohearts in PM Harper's Canadian govt have certainly attempted to buy “cooperation” here or made insincere concessions there that they have no intention of honoring and a host of other dirty tricks in their petro $ lined black bag.

This international Unity Statement that will be presented to TransCanada's US headquarters in Houston TX is our response to make clear that their attempt to silence our voice has failed.

No tar sands extraction in Canada, in the US, anywhere. No dangerous transporting this toxic dirty petroleum mixture, don't even call it OIL, by rail, road, pipeline or sea.

No new Flanagan South or Seaway tar sands pipelines & no reoperation of the old defective Pegasus tar sands pipeline,

And specifically, NO KXL PIPELINE.

Join the effort, sign this Unity Statement petition that will be delivered to TransCanada's and other tar sands corporations' front doors soon.

KXL TruthForce

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    • Barbara VanHanken TULSA, OK
      • about 1 month ago

      The methane and carbon releases from mining tar sands will dramatically increase global warming leading to more dangerous and deadly Climate events around the world.

    • Michael Bishop DOUGLASS, TX
      • about 1 month ago

      Sovereign American landowner

      • 5 months ago

      Because of its long term effects on our planet, it will cause developmet of sites which will increase our air contamination and therefore affect the climate warming

    • Taina Amayi-Sanchez OTTUMWA, IA
      • 9 months ago

      I have seen what happened in Arkansas; a oil sands leak that has made life virtually impossible there. I have seen the pain and suffering of my Relations of the Earth caused by this toxic menace. Jobs? Laughable, to say the least. The treaty-like promise of "jobs" is nothing more than the empty words of greedy corporations to wreak destruction for profit while life perishes. Melodramatic? I think not. I have seen the evidence, and I know that what I say is true. I have read replies from Congressmen make these same pipedream promises of employment, yet even they could not justify the cost to life vs. the jobs, which would go to a very relative few. Rejecting the XL Pipeline is, in this matter, THE BEST decision to be made. Thank you

    • sandra conley GALLATIN, TN
      • 9 months ago

      This is a filthy way of extracting oil. It is bad for the air quality in Canada and the chance for an oil spill in the heart of America's most pristine land in unacceptable. This kind of pipeline leakage has happened recently with the Exxon pipeline in the East. Plus the refineries are at almost full capacity with "CLEANER" American produced oil. This tar sand oil is not destined for American use anyway-probable going to China. Let the Canadians pollute their own country and keep the Koch brothers hands of another potential environmental disaster.(They were also connected to the Freedom Coal Cleaning plant that left hundreds of thousands of West Virginians without safe water!) What a surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!


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