No Foreign Aid for Industrial Agriculture
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No Foreign Aid for Industrial Agriculture

    1. Kristen Ridley
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      Kristen Ridley

      Pasadena, CA

U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Director Rajiv Shah has announced U.S. support for an industrial agribusiness plan to increase food security in the developing world.

The corporations that are backing this plan are only looking to export the industrial, centralized food empire to third world countries in order to make more money. They include the likes of Monsanto, DuPont, Cargill, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Nestlé, and Wal-Mart.

To really fight world hunger, we need to focus on developing local food systems, not lining the pockets of big corporations by trying to push an environmentally destructive idustrial model into even more areas.

Taxpayer Funds are already being used to fund this plan through the Obama Administration's Feed the Future initiative. Tell the Director of USAID that our money should not be spent on lining corporate pockets. Instead USAID needs to do real research and promote sustainable agricultural methods that really can feed the world.

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    • Francis Battaglia PACIFIC PALISADES, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      I agree 100%: tax dollars should not be used to hurt global food security and line the pockets of greedy corporations.

    • Eric Ross FALLS CHURCH, VA
      • over 3 years ago

      The track record of industrialized agriculture over the past half century is appalling: it has reduced world biodiversity and shattered the livelihoods of subsistence cultivators around the world, while making many developing countries increasingly dependent on food imports from the U.S., where agricultural output depends on an unsustainable oil subsidy. Now is the time to reinvest in traditional, local agriculture and the people whose lives depend on it --all of us!

    • Tyler Demars BISMARCK, ND
      • over 3 years ago

      Let me knon what else we can do!

    • Tadeusz Patzek AUSTIN, TX
      • over 3 years ago

      This proposal flies in the face of 7 years of my research on ecology and sustainability. Thermodynamics shows that industrial agriculture can never be sustainable.

    • Michelle Margulies NEVADA CITY, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      Monsanto does not want to feed the world, they want to control the seed. The most base need of humanity will be controlled by a company. I am 100% against this.


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