No Discrimination Against Hong Kongers in Hong Kong!
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No Discrimination Against Hong Kongers in Hong Kong!

    1. Nelson Ho
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      Nelson Ho

      San Francisco, CA

Outrageous racism of D&G shop and the Tsimshatsui mall in Hong Kong, reported by the popular and daring Apple Daily of Hong Kong. The D&G (Dolce & Gabbana) shop in Hong Kong didn't allow Hongkongers to take photos in the public area in the street outside the shop. Camera was covered by the security guard. The guard in the mall told the reporter that local Hong Kong residents are not welcome to visit as they only expect luxury goods buyers from the communist governed maindland China to come. Tourists from communist China are obviously allowed to take photos in the public steet area outside the shop. Lawyers told the press that this is infringement of public assess and human rights. The reporter came to test the shop and the mall in Tsimshatsui, as a follow-up action of readers' complaints.

If you are not luxury goods buyers from Communist China, or if you are not prepared to buy as rampantly as the communist buyers do, please think twice before you come to vist Hong Kong, which is now a place contaminated with communist racism, greed and bad manners of luxury outlets. We Hongkongers regret to tell you this, but as our SAR Hong Kong government is dwarfed by the communist Chinese government in Peking (Beiijing), who claim to be the most powerful nation next to the USA, we can only treat you well when Hong Kong regain its autonomy. Thank you for your time in reading this, and we feel sorry for it. (drafted by Chan Wan, Ph.D, cultural critic of Hong Kong)






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    1. 12年1月8日:香港歷史的轉捩點

      Nelson Ho
      Petition Organizer



      Dolce & Gabanna至今還未道歉,國際傳媒由普遍未報道歧視一事,各位香港的兄弟姊妹請繼續努力!

    2. January 8th was a great success!

      Nelson Ho
      Petition Organizer

      The spontaneous gathering attracted thousands of Hong Kongers, including many young and elderly non-activists, to say no to the photo ban Dolce & Gabana imposed upon the Hong Kongners and Hong Kongners only. Unfortunately, most news reports fail to address the racial controversy that the ban has sparked, bewildering international readers from understanding the true nature of the photo-shooting event.

      What more disappointing is that Dolce & Gabanna only regrets, but is not apologetic, of the ban, claiming that those who made racial remarks and stopped locals from taking pictures were not their staff. Here is the intriguing point: Why would anyone, Dolce & Gabanna's staff and what not, would take actions without the order from this infamous Italian store? Interestingly,security guards never banned anyone in the streets from taking pictures of neighboring world-famous stores.

      Dolce & Gabanna needs to apologize to the people of Hong Kong for racial discrimination!

    3. 簽名已過五百大關!

      Nelson Ho
      Petition Organizer




      D&G 門口萬人影相活動將在明日(一月八日星期日)下午三時至五時舉行,請舉家出席!

    4. Signatures reached 500!

      Nelson Ho
      Petition Organizer

      We have reached over 550 signatures by now. However, we still need your help! Big cooperates and real estate tycoons have been infringing upon the rights of Hong Kong citizens for many years, and this time they are discriminating against the people of Hong Kong! Such acts are intolerable and we shall speak up!

      Please let your friends, family, and acquaintance know about this event. We, as the friends and residents of Hong Kong, shall let the world know that businesses should not and cannot racially discriminate against a people and use its power to ban citizens from using the public space.

      For those of you in Hong Kong, remember to join the Photo Shooting event in front of the D&G store in Tsim Sha Tsui from 3 to 5 pm this Sunday.

    5. Reached 500 signatures
    6. Chinese: D&G以暴力回應歧視指控

      Nelson Ho
      Petition Organizer


    7. D&G Uses Violence to Justify Discrimination

      Nelson Ho
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you everyone for your support. We have finally reached 100 signatures! The front page of Appledaily (Hong Kong) reports our cause January 6th 2012!

      Here is the update: Not only did D&G continue their illegal actions in Hong Kong, they have further instigated more anger by threatening Hong Kongners from taking photos outside of their shop in Tsim Sha Tsui. When reporters took photos outside of the shop IN THE PUBLIC AREA on January 5th 2012, a non-Asian staff of D&G threatened the reporter, saying: "Don't take the photo, for the last time. I will break this camera!" At the same time, Mainlander Tourists were not stopped for taking pictures. Say no to D&G for using violence to justify their discrimatory acts!

    8. Reached 100 signatures
    9. 反對香港人在香港受歧視!

      Nelson Ho
      Petition Organizer





    10. Please help share the petition!

      Nelson Ho
      Petition Organizer

      Dear Participants,

      Please help share the petition in order to grab the attention of the international media. Much has changed for the worse in Hong Kong since the 1997 hand-over. And recently, ONLY MAINLAND CHINESE may enjoy the freedom granted by the law of Hong Kong!

      It is ludicrous that Hong Kongners cannot exercise their legal rights in Hong Kong whilst those from Communist China may do so. This is much similar to seeing "No Chinese and Dogs Allowed" signs in Hong Kong during the early colonial period. The people of Hong Kong were born, live, and pay tax in Hong Kong, and discrimination against them should not be tolerated. If you believe discrimination shall go, please sign and share this petition!

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    Reasons for signing

    • jack daniels TORONTO, CANADA
      • almost 3 years ago

      dog and government

    • Elaine chan TUEN MUN, HONG KONG
      • almost 3 years ago

      Defence our rights , our freedom , our autonomy against shameless "big 6" culture . Defence the majesty of being Hong Kong people , or chinese中國人 , but not 大陸人

    • Nicole Chan HONG KONG, HONG KONG
      • almost 3 years ago


      你们香港人不知谁供养你们吗? 我们过来只是做善事。


      D&G 保障我们上宾的私隐权有什麽不对? 你们港人没钱就不要 shout 得那大声。

      -對啊我們香港人沒有錢啊,都給蝗蟲吃了.我們沒錢了,就shout了. 我在大叫啊看見嗎?懂英文,真了不起呢!!! but i am just using irony you know?

      什麽事都要左吵右吵, 没贡献谁跟你们打交道?


      这是社会的现实, 不懂吗!? 反过来想, 你们当顾客, 有一班不知名的东西, 拿住相机往你面上照, 你有什麽感受??? 那些保安干得没错, 我们来消费, 你们来做什麽?!


      意大利的债劵是你们香港政府买的还是中央政府买? 你们的军费是谁付? 改革开放你们贡献了多少?

      -中央政府萬歲! 那麼順道連D&G都買回你家門前吧,那麼我們香港人就不會拍啊:誰會走到垃圾堆填區拍照?

      芝麻蒜皮的事也要闹得热烘烘, 什麽事也要跟洋人扯上关系, 不做小丑心不安!


      ***不滿就不要sign this petition啦,甚麼?你不知甚麼叫sign petition?走來這裡自取其辱.

    • xia an yuen CHINA, CHINA
      • almost 3 years ago

      你们香港人的眼装了镜子吗? 只有你们的个子存在。早在二十年前, 你们又怎麽样自看国内的同胞?? 现在部分的国内同胞富起来, 你们被比下去, 不好受吗? 还是受不了? 我想是没勇气去接受。你们的面子前面加装了倒倒後镜吗? 还是看着过去的景况!

      如果是说 D&G 要维护货品的产权, 为什麽别的人不被阻止拍照照呢? 反过来, 很多国内人也拍照, 为什麽没问题, 偏是你们港人被人当狗骂, 当鼠赶? 你们不懂反思, 却只一面倒要别人照顾你们, 保护你们, 你们还是婴孩吗? 要得到别人的尊重, 就是自身要有相当的份量, 就像二十多年前你们对待国内的同胞一样, 你们说什麽 "大陆灿", 现在流行说 "大陆厘", 多麽的难听! 只懂要别人尊重, 但不懂尊重镜外的人, 就是你们大香港的一大特徵! 现在发生少少的事, 就千多只狂犬又吠又叫, 要打要杀! 真是很大的气焰, 很大的大香港。

      • almost 3 years ago

      Overseas Hongkonger petitioning to retain & reclaim our rights as locals.

      What a shame that tourists who got the money can get superior treatment, but we Hong Kong citizens can't even live peacefully in our hometown.


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