No Corporate Welfare: End Subsidies to Big Oil
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No Corporate Welfare: End Subsidies to Big Oil

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      Save Our Shores! Florida

This past week, the oil industry reported soaring quarterly profits. Chevron and Exxon recorded quarterly profits of $5.3 billion and $9.25 billion, respectively.

Since the early 20th century, the federal government has offered special tax breaks for the production of oil and gas. In fact, the oil and gas industry has always been the biggest beneficiary of federal energy subsidies. Between 1950 and 2007, the oil and gas industry received more than $450 billion in federal subsidies, or 60 percent of all federal energy subsidies.

Despite this long-term support and record high oil prices, many members of congress are actually proposing to increase federal support for the oil and gas industry by creating new tax breaks and subsidies.

There is no reason we should be propping up the bloated oil industry, and taxpayers shouldn't be left to clean up the oil industry’s messes. Stand with us today in our efforts to end subsidies to Big Oil.

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    • Alan Ditmore LEICESTER, NC
      • over 3 years ago

      Please read

      my petitions advocating municipal environmental

      contraception funding, which is increasingly politically realistic due

      to The Big Sort in more and more towns, and helps women's

      right's, quality of life, and school taxes as well as being at least 5

      times more cost-effective than any other environmental effort.

    • michelle maiorca MANCHESTER, CT
      • over 3 years ago


      This is freaking ridiculous. The country's "broke", the pols want to attack S.S. & Medicare- because we just gave $400 million to wealthy people, and we give our money TO THE MOST PROFITABLE COMPANIES IN THE WORLD!!!

      Who's stupid enough to support this? Congress? STOP NOW.

      Unless you want the US to start looking like Tahrir Square, stop this idiocy.

    • Fran Fulwiler PORTLAND, OR
      • over 3 years ago

      We as a nation cannot continue to subsidize big oil to cause further environmental damage and pollution. That is simply unacceptable!

    • Maneesh Pangasa YUMA, AZ
      • over 3 years ago

      I call on Congress to support new investments in science and technology, including clean renewable and alternative energy to infrastructure and education funding President Obama asked for in the State of the Union to make America more competitive by ending big subsidies to Big Oil companies as President Obama also suggested in his State of the Union Address.

      The federal government does need to tackle the high budget deficits and National Debt by cutting excessive and wasteful spending, raising revenues as needed etc (has to be combination can't be one of the two alone) while committing to public investments that helped create the Internet in the first place. Government and educational funded scientific research and development helped create the Internet, then as it grew and became popular private investment also flowed it to creating jobs.

      So how can we afford to make these vital investments when we have high deficits and a high National Debt by slashing subsidies for dirty, polluting big oil companies whose pollution endangers the environment and public health (when oil spills contaminate our water -- our great lakes, rivers, and even oceans killing off wildlife that rely on said water and could even harm people if they tried to drink the water; and our air when the carbon emissions from automobiles fueled with oil (gasoline) go into our air making it too dirty to breathe individuals can become sick this way) is to end corporate welfare for these greedy, reckless, polluting, evil big oil corporations.

    • Jerry Richardson KNOXVILLE, TN
      • over 3 years ago

      Money going for oil and gas cannot go to wind or solar. :(


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