Count Marching band, JROTC, and other extra curricular activities as P.E Credit.
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Secretary of Education in New Mexico
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Count Marching band, JROTC, and other extra curricular activities as P.E Credit.

    1. Demitri Maestas
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      Demitri Maestas

      Las Cruces, NM


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Marching band, as well as JROTC Are physically demanding activities. As marching band students put in 20+ Hours outside school per week in this activity (Most being extremely challenging, physical, and exhausting rehearsals), We request that you count it as PE Credit again. The only outsanding opposition to this is the aspect of nutrition instruction. As Valentino Leyba (Percussion instructor at Onate High school) outlines " Aguilar says it's more about "covering healthy eating and physical development". . . How is taking away the marching band PE credit going to help these kids understand good eating habits when they have the option of buying Dion's pizza every other day(from the school cafeteria, I might add), a hot dog truck that's parked on the corner selling who knows what, and a McDonald's across the street that basically stays in business because of the thousands of kids it serves each week that simply drive across the road...taking away a PE credit from a marching band kid so they can sit and learn about how they SHOULD be eating is not going to fix the problem. If a kid is going to be forced to, or has no other option but to, take PE when they could be out on the marching field everyday getting more physical activity than I'm sure they would in any PE class, we are doing them an injustice. Marching band at Onate is the most physically demanding programs I've been involved with, and I'm sure many other programs are the same way. Kids are more than aware that fast food and sodas aren't the best for them; they hear that stuff everyday of their life!"

Hanna Skandera, Secretary of Education in New Mexico
New Mexico Governor
Gov. Susana Martinez, New Mexico
Count Marching band, JROTC, and other extra curricular activities as P.E Credit.

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      • 28 days ago

      Some bands are unfortunate to have a state like Texas where Marching Band is considered a sport and is regulated by a extracurricular activity state agency and counted as a PE Credit

    • Karen Smith ODESSA, TX
      • 6 months ago

      I was in band and never was obese until I graduated and stopped band

    • Samuel Yazie RIO RANCHO, NM
      • 8 months ago

      I AM IN AJROTC!!!!!!!!

    • Marcos Sanchez LAS CRUCES, NM
      • 9 months ago

      I am in the NJROTC program and it is as physically demanding as PE if not more.

    • Diane Palafox LAS CRUCES, NM
      • 9 months ago

      because I have a daughter who took marching band 2 years.


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