NJ Legislators: Stop Governor Christie from Waiving Our Safeguards!
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NJ Legislators: Stop Governor Christie from Waiving Our Safeguards!

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Governor Christie is putting corporate special interests and his big campaign contributors ahead of the public interest. He has ordered all state agencies to issue rules to waive the safeguards they are supposed to enforce. These safeguards protect our health and safety at work; our air, water, and open spaces; and our rights as consumers.

Christie’s political appointees will be able to let any chemical, oil, banking, insurance, drug, or development company violate our safeguards if they think it creates "an undue hardship."

Our state will face more corruption, as big corporations and the wealthy make even more campaign contributions, hoping to obtain waivers in return. He started with the Department of Environmental Protection and the Division of Consumer Affairs. Other agencies will likely follow.

When the legislature wants an agency to grant waivers, it provides for the power in the law. If Governor Christie truly believes that the safeguards we all count on should be repealed, he should go to the legislature -- not unilaterally set up a process to let wealthy corporations and individuals simply ignore the law.

We need to stop this policy in its tracks by getting the State Legislature to block the first agency’s waiver rule. Please sign the petition below.

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    • Judith Rew MONTCLAIR, NJ
      • about 2 years ago

      Health and safety in the workplace as well as long term environmental issues must be protected! They are not with Christie as Governor.


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