NJ Governor Chris Christie: Don't Make Rape Victims Pay for Their Own Rape Kits
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NJ Governor Chris Christie: Don't Make Rape Victims Pay for Their Own Rape Kits

    1. Sarah Rowley
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      Sarah Rowley

      Philadelphia, PA

Rape survivors in New Jersey are being billed for their own rape kits.

A "rape kit," or sexual assault forensic evidence kit, is the collection of any physical evidence a rapist might have left behind. The invasive exam, which can include vaginal swabs and blood tests, is often a traumatic experience for a recent victim -- but the collection of evidence is vital in finding and prosecuting the perpetrator.

“In no other crime would it even be contemplated that victims receive an invoice for the collection of evidence needed to prosecute the offenders,” stated Sen. Diane Allen, who decided to put a stop to this "inhumane practice" by sponsoring legislation that would protect survivors from being harassed for payment. Allen continued: "Victims who receive a bill are needlessly forced to relive their attack all over again by the very people to whom they turned for help."

The fact is, rape survivors aren't supposed to have to pay for these evidence kits: the invoice should go to a government agency. But health care administrators looking for a payout often try to collect from a victim anyway.

The legislation to bar providers from billing rape victims passed through both houses of the NJ legislature with strong support -- but Gov. Chris Christie has failed to sign the legislation, which has been waiting on his approval for well over a month.

According to Think Progress, his office says the bill is still "under review." What about supporting rape victims requires so much thought? More importantly: Gov. Christie has until the Senate reconvenes on August 25th to sign or veto this bill. While under NJ rules it can become law without his signature, since he's still reviewing the legislation and has given no hint of support, we need to make sure he doesn't try to slip by a last-minute veto.

Sign this petition to tell Gov. Christie not to stick rape survivors with the bill.

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    • Amanda Foster WASHINGTON, DC
      • about 3 years ago

      This is bullshit!

    • Bettie Reina MILMAY, NJ
      • about 3 years ago

      Just another example of the Republican war on women.

    • thad d solloway JD COSTA MESA, CA
      • about 3 years ago

      for a big man , you are certainly small minded , seen any baseball games via helicopter?, your time will come , every day you piss more , and more people off , and you dont care , well that not caring is your problem , how do you like them apples , bona petite , govenator christie...

    • Christine Regan BARNSTABLE, MA
      • about 3 years ago

      What is there to review here? Your Republican and Democratic legislators passed this bill with overwhelming support months ago. They saw that this was a shameful practice that needed to be ended. Are you saying with your silence that they are fools, or that this issue is just not that important to you? There are enough reasons that women don't come forward after being assaulted. We don't need to add the fear of an unpaid medical bill to that list. If a rape goes unreported, the rapist can't be prosecuted. If the rapist is not prosecuted, they continue to offend. You are directly enabling rapists by not signing this bill. There's your review. Now sign the damn bill.

    • Cynthia Casner NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ
      • about 3 years ago

      This is a no-brainer. Victims of rape should never be victimized again by being asked to pay for their own rape kit. Nor should they be denied the morning-after pill which would prevent a pregnancy. As Governor, you should put the needs of these women before any personal belief that you hold. To do any less, would be a disservice these women.


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