NJ Gov. Christie...NO VETO...do the right thing
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Gov. Christie of NJ

NJ Gov. Christie...NO VETO...do the right thing

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      thomas hickey

      east vandergrift, PA

A bill that would legalize same-sex marriage passed the New Jersey senate judiciary committee as expected Tuesday afternoon. The 8 to 4 vote cleared the way for the bill to come to the senate floor next month, although Governor Chris Christie renewed his vow to veto the legislation and urged lawmakers to “let the people of New Jersey decide” the issue in a referendum.

By vetoing the bill, you are supporting the separate but equal ideology, let us do what is right and constitutional treat us all as equals....

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    2. Christie admits he is against gay marrige in NJ

      thomas hickey
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      as an elected official one needs to put aside their own issues and beliefs and look at the bigger picture, this passed the state senate 8 to 4 if it where any issue that he did not have "feelings" about this would be signed into law

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