Stop sponsoring professional hunter Melissa Bachman
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Stop sponsoring professional hunter Melissa Bachman

    1. Omar Rodriguez
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      Omar Rodriguez

      Hilversum, Netherlands

Just a few months ago I stepped into the world of DSLR photography and discovered a great new way of spending my spare time taking pictures and learning as much as I can of photography. Specially wildlife. I love photographing living animals in their environment.
When purchasing my first DSLR camera I checked the market thoroughfully and after considering many models and brands I went for a Nikon. Since then and until yesterday I have increased my equipment with multiple lenses and accessories from this brand.
Sadly yesterday I discovered that Nikon is sponsoring the professional hunter Melissa Bachman. I've seen pictures of this woman boasting next to the corpses of bears, alligators and other animals and I feel it disgusting. But what is most disappointing and sick is to know that through my purchases to Nikon I am contributing to her slaughtering.
Having seen that the many questions raised to Nikon on their Facebook page by many of their fans are being ignored ,I´d like to start this petition to show them how wrong they are and with a strong voice of hopefully thousands of signs ask them to reconsider their sponsoring policy and stop immediately their collaboration with the mentioned woman.



Hace tan solo unos meses que me introduje en el mundo de la fotografía réflex digital y descubrí una nueva forma de pasar mi tiempo libre tomando fotografías y aprendiendo algo nuevo. Especialmente vida salvaje. Me encanta sacar fotos de animales en su entorno.

A la hora de comprar mi primera réflex digital me informé de las posibilidades que ofrecía el mercado y, tras considerar diferentes marcas y modelos, me decanté por Nikon. Desde entonces y hasta ayer, he ido incrementando mi equipo con varias lentes y accesorios de esta marca.

Tristemente ayer descubrí que Nikon patrocina a la cazadora profesional Melissa Bachman. He visto fotografías de esta mujer orgullosa junto a los cadáveres de osos, caimanes y otros animales y creo que es algo asqueroso. Lo más decepcionante y retorcido es saber que a través de mis compras a Nikon estoy contribuyendo a esta matanza.

Tras ver que las múltiples preguntas hechas a Nikon en su página de Facebook por muchos de sus fans están siendo ignoradas, quiero empezar esta petición para demostrarles lo equivocados que están y con la voz fuerte de, ojalá miles de firmas, pedirles que reconsideren so política de patrocinios y detengan inmediatamente su colaboración con esa mujer.

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    2. Answer from Nikon EU

      Omar Rodriguez
      Petition Organizer

      Well. I got a reply to my email from yesterday from Nikon EU. Sadly, they try to divest me to deal with Nikon USA since they are the ones holding this endorsement.
      I am not happy with the answer and I have shared with them the comments that you have left in this petition to make them aware of the dimension of this complain.
      I will keep you up to date with any progress.
      Thanks for your support so far and keep on sharing the petition link, please!

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    Reasons for signing

      • almost 2 years ago

      I didn't know either but thanks to this petition now I do. I will be spreading this information as well. Do not imagine for one moment that sponsorinhg this revolting person will enhance your reputation one iota. Why not sponsor an real photographer instead not someone who focusses on a killing machine.

      • almost 2 years ago

      Oh my God - someone hunt her and behead her.

    • Dr.Grabowski Annamaria KELHEIM, GERMANY
      • almost 2 years ago

      I can not understand, that animals are been killed and somebody is doing this publicing in our world, species of animals, who have to been protected, animals are created by god, what a terrible, horrible woman, as she is laughing, about the animals, she killed, murdered them,

    • carol Ⓥ crunkhorn AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND
      • almost 2 years ago

      I will be boycotting Nikon until they stop sponsering cruelty. Drop Melissa Bachman Nikon, she is not a role model for anyone!

    • Peter H. Arras BIEDESHEIM, DE
      • almost 2 years ago

      She is a Psycho!


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