Nikko the Husky:  Legal and Parental Negligence
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The District Attorney's Office of Allegehny County, PA
Stephen Zappala

Nikko the Husky: Legal and Parental Negligence

    1. Charles Colburn
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      Charles Colburn

      Charlotte, NC

It is out of a sheer case of apathy that the D.A.'s office of Allegheny County Pennsylvania is allowing this dog to take the blame for what happened Brandy Furlong's child. It is criminally negligent on the mother's part to allow her 2-day-old-infant to be left alone with a new dog. A new dog with a broken leg, who was most likely in massive amounts of pain and anxious after being placed in a completely new environment. The D.A.'s office is allowing the dog to take the fall on this rather than the mother because it is legally much easier to label the dog dangerous and have it put down than to charge the mother with negligence. Ignorance on the mother's part and lack of interest on the D.A.'s part does not mean Nikko, who has already been through so much, needs to be killed.

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      Charles Colburn
      Petition Organizer

      I didn't think I would even get half this many signatures, Thank you so much. In just a few short days we hit almost 10 times the amount of people originally invited to take part in the survey. You guys are really taking this above and beyond what the scope of what I originally had intended for this petition. So I say let's take it further, lets hit a truly significant number of votes so we can send this petition to the Allegheny county DA's office and let them know the injustice they're doing to this poor dog. As always you can send your thoughts and opinions directly to D.A. Stephen Zappala's office through the link included below.

      And again Thak You!

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      Charles Colburn
      Petition Organizer

      Go to the link provided and us the message box to send a message to the DA voicing your concern on Nikko.


    Reasons for signing

    • Richard Schutte PITTSBURGH, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      I am signing this petition based on the gross mischaracterization and the pursuit of this dog as a criminal entity by the Assistant District Attorney Laura Ditka. Ms. Ditka questioned the qualifications of the dog behaviorist. She stated that he had not had enough experience in crime scene investigations. Dogs are NOT Criminals! Dogs are not people. People are criminals. And what this mother did was criminal. What a waste of taxpayers’ money. This dog deserves better.

    • Sandy Mariucci MARQUETTE, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      CHARGE THIS MOTHER FOR NEGLIGENCE! I will have to say RIP sweet sorry you did not have a mother who was smart enough to protect you! So sad!

    • Judy Nagorski SEWICKLEY, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      This is just one of the most recent cases of absolute injustice toward vulnerable innocents who give love unconditionally and ask only for love care and protection in return. Instead they are the recipients of vigilante justice - no hearing, no advocate to speak for them - only on-the-spot decision to be 'put down', which is a politically correct way of saying -murder!

      We have humans- though I use the term loosely- who commit horrendous crimes. And yet they are given a hearing, legal representation, a trial. And while I am opposed to the death penalty, when convicted I don't believe they should be given comforts such as free room/board, cable tv and access to an education. There is no reform for murderers, rapists and pedafiles. Yet they receive this treatment because they have 'civil rights'.

      Should it not be required that you be 'civil in order to have these rights? And how civil of a society are we when we continue to allow the abuse and slaughter of innocents.

      Nikko did not create the circumstances but was thrust into them. And, considering he was one of four dogs present in the room with the infant placed ON THE FLOOR by the mother, it would not take Perry Mason to determine that naming Nikko aa the assailant is outrageous!

      When I read that Nikko had been adopted by Mr. Uhrling, I thanked God for sending this angel and thought the story had a happy ending. Nikko should be returned to his new home with a public apology from the judge for inflicting more unnecessary trauma upon this dog.

    • Barbara Dargo TURTLE CREEK, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      God bless Baby Howard but I do not believe that Nikko meant to hurt him. Please release him to Mr. Uhring.

    • Robert Gustafson MURRYSVILLE, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      It always disgusts me whenever people abuse and blame animals for their own negligent behavior. There is no need to destroy this dog, especially when there are so many options available. And I especially detest ignorance within the judicial system. That is intolerable. A child tragically died because of criminal negligence on the part of a parent (no one seems to be arguing with that), and the dog was rightfully removed from that environment, evaluated and treated appropriately and then adopted by a caring, responsible person who can provide a good life for Nikko. The story is over, justice should be served on the mother, and the case is closed. Why does the state have to get involved and completely ruin everything? Those of us who have had dogs our entire lives are (unfortunately) painfully aware of the stupidity that prevails within the legal system.


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