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Make PI the Way It Used to Be

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Although when Project Inspired was first created it was a great resource for Christian advice, it has recently turned into many things of which I disapprove. For one, it seems that many of the articles are based around judging celebrities. In the Bible, we are told not to judge, and in addition, this just seems pointless and rude. The website should be focused on what WE SHOULD do, not what OTHERS SHOULDN’T have done. Secondly, the lay out and theme of the website is contradictory to the message. At the top of the webpage is a picture of Nicole looking beautiful and airbrushed. Also, it seems that an increasing number of the posts are about Nicole. We feel that PI has almost turned into a Nicole fan-page, rather than a fan-page for God. Finally, Nicole and her staffers should take the interests and opinions of the girls into account when writing articles. There are tons of forums where girls are arguing and debating, and it would be nice to hear what they all think about those issues.


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    • Becca stepek OLATHE, KS
      • almost 2 years ago

      This should encourage teens to change the world, not add on to the celebrity gossip. I need help becoming a better christian, not learning the most recent gossip.


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