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I just signed the following petition addressed to: Neshaminy Federation of Teachers.

The last day of school for Neshaminy School District is scheduled for June 15th.

Remember yourself as a student ... excited for your summer adventures; camp, vacations or just hanging out with your friends playing an afternoon game of wiffle ball and then swimming in your best friend's pool until dinner. Or the sweet smell of ripe honeysuckle as you fish in the creek. Going to 7-11 for a Slurpee or even Rita's for a water-ice in the late afternoon as the sun begins to dive to the horizon. Catching fireflies at dusk.

Now think about that being taken away from you.

Bring yourself back from daydreaming for a reality check as a parent. Remember the $1000 you paid for camp that starts June 18th or the $3000 vacation you've already booked and paid for which begins June 25th. Think of the $5000 in taxes you pay per year and then remember what ranking Neshaminy School District has slipped to and why. Hey! How about looking at your own pay check and in actual money, lay before you how much is taken out each week for your medical benefits and then remember how much NFT is paying. Oh, wait … they’re not. Yes, they have been working without a contract for 4 years but this doesn’t mean they haven’t been getting paid for those 4 years enjoying summers off all while contributing ZERO to their healthcare.


Conducting a strike at the end of the school year is in NO WAY conducive to community support for your cause. Remember why you became a Teacher in the first place, allow the children to complete the school year on time and hash out negotiations over the summer. The only people who are affected in this are the ones you promised to lead.

The way you make yourself MORE valuable to an employer is to perform exceptionally to the level where the employer cannot afford to lose you.

The NFT is employing a 'Strength in Numbers' philosophy to try to have the employer change to the preference of the worker.


Every single Teacher who has been working under the old contract has the OPTION to quit and seek employment in another district for more money or better benefits or whatever it is they're displeased with in their current district. If they do not like being a Teacher in Neshaminy School District, find a position which will suit your needs and we will find Teachers who will suit ours.

Thank you!

MAY 25TH, 2012

Earlier today, Neshaminy Federation of Teachers (NFT) President, Louise Boyd, notified Superintendent Lou Muenker of the union’s intent to commit its second strike of this school year beginning on Monday, June 4th.
In reaction to this announcement, NSB President Ritchie Webb said, “I am outraged that teachers would cause potential disruption to our children’s school year and summer vacation. Once again the NFT has shown that whatever it is they are fighting for, it is not for the benefit of our children or their educational programs.”

Mr. Webb noted that the negotiation session for May 31st is still scheduled, however the Board will not negotiate with the union while it is actively engaged in a strike.

The Board President also questioned the logic and timing of the strike. “We have two dates scheduled for talks, and we’re open to having more meetings. I cannot understand why the NFT would enact such a militant action aimed at our kids and their parents when we’ve agreed to continue good-faith negotiations,” Webb said.

As the district begins preparation for a second teacher’s strike, Webb emphasized the need for Harrisburg to take action against the threat of labor actions that disrupt education. “Our children’s education should be everyone’s priority, and our situation should serve as a wake-up call to Harrisburg that anti-strike legislation is urgently needed.” - from NESHAMINY CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS BLOG


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    • brian bannon sr FEASTERVILLE, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      the kids need to be in school! the teachers are swimming in the heated pull when the kids are not learning not kiddding and its monday must be nice to strike and just swim the day away!

    • Mary-Anne Heuston LEVITTOWN, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      if we the tax payers can pay for our medical coverage and be on social security these ignorant money grubbing teachers can pay the total costs of their medical coverage inste ad of living off the backs of hard working/limited income tax payers.

    • Patrick Donnelly YORK, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      A 1985 NHS grad who thinks that the current staff is being ridiculous in their demands !

    • Laurie Crane NEWTOWN, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      I dont live in Neshaminy , I live in CR .... but taking away the children's summer vacation is completely selfish and ridiculous. These teachers who are not happy with making more than I make as a nurse while only working 9 mos out of the year, and having off every weekend , holiday and all summer really need to get a clue. If they are unhappy, then they should go find something better. There are plenty of new grads out there who would be more than happy to make 90 grand a year even if they have to pay for their benefits.

      What if you all take your kids out of school June 15th as planned, go about your vacations as planned, and let the teachers go to work til June 30 . Are they going to fail everyone? I doubt it. Teachers supposedly go into teaching bc they love the kids but they are proving that is not the case. Not to mention... what do the scores look like for Neshaminy students on standardized testing? The teachers arent even doing their jobs. I say , fire them all for not showing up to work and replace them with people who get the job done and are happy to be there. Good luck to the Neshaminy teachers in finding another job that will suit their needs... it doesnt exist!

    • Michele Lannen LEVITTOWN, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      FIRE THEM ALL !!!!!!! and re-hire the ones who want a job. I thought I knew the issues and understood the NFT had outrageous demands that the Board and WE TAXPAYERS can not afford, after reading the Highlights and posts @ I am beyond outraged. (NFT) President, Louise Boyd, has been making untrue (to say nicely) statements to the media and is doing a disservice to the teachers who must be blindly following her (the alternative, teachers repulsively greedy). She should step down as she seems to me be living in LaLa land where there is money falling from the trees that no one else can see. Furthermore, how can she justify the demands being made to the NSB when Adequate Yearly Progress has NOT been met in how many years? Even IF there were the $ they want, they don’t deserve it looking at test scores, and I’d like to ask her (there was an accusation the NSB manipulated the PSSA scores!?! …seriously?) what information do you have that no one else knows that can show the teachers doing their job TEACHING with good results? I urge EVERYONE to read above web site and get informed, really there is so much more to this than most realize.


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