Frazier Glenn Cross does NOT represent most Heathens and Pagans
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Frazier Glenn Cross does NOT represent most Heathens and Pagans

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      Aelfwynne of The Northern Grove

      Buffalo, NY

The recent shooting in Kansas City Jewish institutions by Frazier Glenn Cross is a terrible hate crime. Anyone with a heart is mourning for the families of the victims.  When situations like this happen, it is natural to look for reasons and causes for the violence. In this case, the shooter was a known white supremacist with strong anti-Semitic feelings. 

However, news reports, such as this one by CNN, are reporting that Cross is an "Odinist."  The story goes on to explain that Odinism is a racist religion.

It is important to note that, as with ALL religions, there are many branches of belief that represent the revival of Pagan belief around the world.  There are MANY examples of "ethnic" pagan revival among all various races and cultures around the world. The revival of an indigenous, ancestral belief system is not unique among those of Germanic descent. There are examples of people returning to the faiths of their ancestors all around the world.  Because of the ancestral element, yes there is an emphasis on ethnic culture.  HOWEVER, in most cases this is completely separate from ANY "purist" ideologies.  In other words, Germanic pagans aim to respect their ancestors in the same way that Polynesian, or Native American, or African tribesmen respect and revere theirs.  Respect for one's ancestors in no way directly implies  a supremacist ideology.

Are there people who twist supremacy into their interpretation of Norse paganism? Sure.  But, there are a lot of racist nuts twisting their supremacy into their version of Christianity and Islam, too. 

Do some religions support racism in their holy texts? Absolutely. But there is no one holy text adhered to dogmatically in Asatru.  Followers of Asatru (called Asatruar or Heathens) look to the old legends and lore (found in the Norse Eddas and Sagas) for wisdom and understanding of the Old Religion.  And these texts do NOT underscore race or encourage "purity" in any way, shape, or form.  If someone inserts that into the religion, they do it of their own volition. 

The majority of the Heathen and Pagan community bear no ill will to the Jewish community, or other ethnic and religious groups.  Our hearts break over this travesty, and go out to the victims.  We must stand up and be vocal to let the world know that we do NOT support Frazier Glenn Cross or his wicked ideals.

By signing this petition, we are letting the world know that Frazier Glenn Cross does NOT represent us as Heathens, Pagans, and Asatruar and we harbor nothing but sympathy, compassion, and our condolences to those affected by this crime.

News Outlets, and the Public
Understand that Frazier Glenn Cross does NOT represent most Heathens, Asatruar, and other Pagans

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    • Wayne Roberts ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA
      • about 1 month ago

      Pagan Northman and proud of it ... Guilt by association is a typical cop out for the media to explain away hate crimes. Just because someone calls them self pagan doesn't make it so ... Get your facts right before you condemn any religion or belief because your failure to do so makes you no better than this scumbag Frazier Glen a racist and a bigot

    • Samuel Ruffing CLAIRTON, PA
      • 2 months ago

      As a heathen who escaped a brief overlap with the nightmarish realm of racialism and bigotry, I find it increasingly necessary to promote anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-sexist, and anti-homo/bi/trans/queerphobic in our communities and folkway. We have no use for supremacist ideologies. I would encourage other heathens and pagans to look into Circle Ansuz and Heathens Against Hate. Never again fascism!

    • Christopher Adshead ROCHDALE, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 3 months ago

      I am a Heathen and in my way would I ever endorse a hatred of another race.

    • Ruth Rowlands MANHATTAN, KS
      • 3 months ago

      Odinism is not a racist religion no more than any other. Basing the "type" of anything on the actions of a few people is wrong. That is like saying that all Christians are homophobes using Westboro Baptist Church as an example. Or that all Muslims are terrorist using al-Queda as an example. Most people are peaceful and tolerant of others, so don't paint all by the actions of a few.

    • Jen Phillips MITCHELL, SD
      • 3 months ago

      I am a Pagan. And I don't want my beliefs or my friends and families beliefs associated with this man.


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