New York State Department of Motor Vehicle: Force NYS DMV to issue Jonathan Bock a Driver License without scrutiny.
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New York State Department of Motor Vehicle

New York State Department of Motor Vehicle: Force NYS DMV to issue Jonathan Bock a Driver License without scrutiny.

    1. Jonathan Bock
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      Jonathan Bock

      Rochester, NY

I, Jonathan Bock, Deaf, has been discriminated from the road test for nearly 12 years. I never had any issues passing the written part of the exam and I ace'd out with ease. However, the New York State driver examiner refused to let ASL interpreter from getting in the car so I can understand what the examiner was trying to tell me. He constantly refused to write anything down on the paper to help me understand what I needed to do for the road test. The driver instructor was being extremely rude, angry, arrogant, and getting his personal feelings in the way - unprofessional - and he smoked cigarettes inside my car and flicked it outside of the window by the time he failed me.

I have had driven with many of my friends whom have driver license, above 25 years of age, and I never had any single accident. This underlying issue is because of miscommunication between me and the driver examiner.

I desperately need to get food, medicine, and mostly importantly - get to work. The bus doesn't stop in my area, and even so, I will not ride in the bus. I want my freedom to drive: driving is NOT a privilege but as a right to drive; I do not need a license to walk because I innately develop them on the go. The same thing applies with driving, I have had been educated how to drive and never had any accident. I am 30 years old, and I am fed up with NYS DMV scrutiny and examination especially people with disability and it needs to STOP! I have seen mentally disabled people drive just fine, why can't I? Tea party fascist and other element of hatred (notably Republican) are trying so hard to prevent people from different races, disability, and gender from driving (notably in New York State).

I am sick and tired of walking in the heat, nuclear winter, and heavy rain. I am tired of being discriminated, and I DEMAND justice! Department of Justice never heard my voice; American Association for People with Disability shrugged off because simply they don't care. I tried to find a lawyer, and I can't find one around Rochester, NY. Why is government officials immune to prosecution when we elect them in the office? Is it easier to prosecute lesser people, than to go for the bigger fish? It's sad, really, and people do "snap" and take unnecessary action as a last resort.

My former guardian, Roger Windover, constantly told me that Deaf people can't drive just because they're Deaf. And look what happened to me, it's sad. I also want to bring Roger Windover to justice for discrimination as well. He promised to get me a car, but it was a carrot on a stick and I actually never got one. He makes $500,000.00 a year, including my Social Security Disability Income check as well (why he needs my SSDI check while making $500,000.00 a year is beyond me).

I have personally seen Asian people were being denied from getting their Driver License; I have personally seen a lot of African American people were denied getting their Driver's License because of their color; I have personally seen people were being denied getting their Driver's License because of their disability. This madness needs to stop! Please help me out!


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    • Richard Niles 14624, NY
      • about 2 years ago

      Deaf can drive! I am deaf, i have no problem passed test. Jon should passed no problem.

    • Robert Cristea ROCHESTER, NY
      • about 2 years ago

      I am sure he passed a knowledge test and a vision test, and he CAN pass a road test! Good luck Jon

    • patricia Piazza WEST BABYLON, NY
      • about 2 years ago

      because commiucate is keys with interpreters help deaf understand and their rules tot ell them wht to do make driving it is safely without accidents..... understanding it is importance without interpreters it is make a worse their life need to be freedom... hearing does not understand wht deafs say and deaf does not udnerstand hearing their words to them that unfair their road tests.... be honest iam very support for deaf need interpreters required their life freedom..

      • about 2 years ago

      Deaf ppl are BETTER drivers the hearing ppl. this is discussing to discriminate like this. SHAME ON NY.

    • Samuel C. PECATONICA, IL
      • about 2 years ago

      I agree, when a deaf person requests a sign language instructor or interpreter, it should be equal access of communication. There must be no discrimination for all public services, and no lack of professionalism from driver instructors.


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