STOP the American Atheists - Do Not ban the cross at ground zero memorial
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STOP the American Atheists - Do Not ban the cross at ground zero memorial

    1. Kristi  Wilbanks
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      Kristi Wilbanks

      Madison, AL

The American Atheists group has filed a lawsuit. The following is reported by CNN.

(CNN) -- A group of atheists has filed a lawsuit to stop the display of the World Trade Center cross at a memorial of the 9/11 terror attacks.

The "government enshrinement of the cross was an impermissible mingling of church and state," the American Atheists say in a press statement.

The group says it filed the lawsuit this week in state court in New York and posted a copy of the lawsuit on its website.

My Dear Friends:

The CROSS is a representation of HOPE. Our country was founded on a belief in GOD. Our forefathers clearly established their belief in GOD. They fully intended on raising up a country founded on GOD. Christians have just as much right for that cross to be at ground zero than any other group opposing it. This time, the differnce is that Christians did not place the cross at ground zero. The cross IS the beams of TWC; It was found, located in the midst of all the debris. It IS a part of that specific location and should remain in the museum for all the world to see. IT IS TIME our voice be heard. It's time to take a stand.

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    • patricia roberson SOMERVILLE, AL
      • about 3 years ago

      are country is founded on GOD,there was alot of people that lost their lives that day(so sad) and their families all over come each year to keep their family and friends memory alive,and they don't have a problem with it SO WHY SHOULD YOU???? (Atheists)and just think in all that debris this wonderful cross was the only thing standing that awful day,we don't push our religion on yall so don't push your non-belief on us this cross shouldn't bother anyone,it stayed standing for a reason

    • Kay M 2, AZ
      • about 3 years ago

      This is ridiculous. If a cross is there then why should it matter? It wasn't always a symbol of Christianity, but after Jesus, it was. The cross can be used as symbols for other things that are mentioned such as "Hope". If they don't like the cross then why not ignore it? Our country was orignally founded on the belief of God and it's sad how when a lot of America lost that ideal and lost their belief in God then things started to crumble. If this cross was found in the debris and remains there then it should stay there because there's a reason that it's there.

    • Sonja Hammond UNION GROVE, AL
      • about 3 years ago

      It shouldn't offend anyone in the United States and it should be there.

    • Astra Moore RUTHERFORD, NJ
      • about 3 years ago

      The cross isn't any harder to ignore than others I come into contact. It's ok to have your opinions and not force them on others - Atheists. Just because the cross is there, doesn't mean I am turned christian or feel it tromps on my own thoughts. Atheists - you are wrong in this case.

    • Donna Squires HUEYTOWN, AL
      • about 3 years ago

      God Bless America! In God We Trust!


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