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New York City Criminal Court: Dismiss the case of 17 year old Joseph Beer

    1. Stephanie Jagassar
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      Stephanie Jagassar

      Winter Garden, FL

17 year old Joseph Beer is currently in the hospital, suffering from memory loss after being in a fatal car crash that resulted with the death of four of his close friends. Because Joseph was the driver of the car, it is possible that he will face 4 possible charges of manslaughter/murder. Not only did Joesph lose his friends that day, he lost his family, and himself. Can you imagine what it's like to have your own son not know who you are? Yes, Joseph may have been an unexperienced driver but he was not intentionally trying to hurt anyone. I'm asking that you sign this petition so that his case may be dismissed. Joseph has suffered not only physical injuries, but mental and emotional ones that cannot be healed. We're not looking for a way to keep him out of jail. The burden he now carries is punishment enough.

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    • bebi rasul JAMAICA, NY
      • about 1 year ago

      sometimes people deserve second chances.

    • shereeda jaggernath RICHMOND HILL, NY
      • over 1 year ago

      because i believe that no one would do something like thi intentionally. he is young and already paying for his mistake. do take away his life.

    • Steven lytle ISLIP, FL
      • almost 2 years ago

      I just got out of jail and I heard the story from Joseph himself, he's not denying he was smoking weed, anybody that smokes weed...knows that weed doesn't impair u from driving, the legal alcohol u can get at any bar will impair your driving, this man lost 4 of his closest friends, and has to deal with feeling that he was the cause, if that isn't enough "punishment" I don't know what is, go after the murderers, rapist, and child molesters, wasting his and tax layers time and money on no crime at all...he got into an accident, that's why it's called an accident, no intent involved...this is a prime example of being "guilty til proven innocent" I just did 2 weeks for citations, Nassau county is hungry for money, and will do anything for it...mr beer is a young intelligent man at just turning 18 a couple days ago, dreams and aspirations...if you've ever been in a accident I'm sure u can relate...I hit a deer a month ago, the deer died, had to pay $2500 to get it fixed, u think I "tried" to do that?? If the deer survived, would they lock his ass up?? Free JB

    • sharlene basdeo TORONTO, CANADA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I'm from Canada...and although this is a terrible accident..its just hurts to see him put away. I hope the best for him.

    • Al-Rahman Ibraheem BAY SHORE, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      To whom it may concern. I understand that the law calls for punishment for such negligence. Lets not forget this is a child not an adult. Kids will often make mistakes. Rather than jail this kid who clearly his intention was not to murder his friends but was clearly a mistake. Lets make a new common sense law that will prevent these kinds of fast cars from ending up at the hands of anyone younger than 25. I am asking that the judge reconsider this case. Remember the same thing can happen to a hard working man or woman at the end of a long working shift where falling asleep could lead to just such a mistake. Bottom line is his 17 years old not 27.

      Captain Al


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