Make the Frenchmen Art Market permanent!
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Make the Frenchmen Art Market permanent!

    1. Mallory Whitfield
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      Mallory Whitfield

      New Orleans, LA

The new Frenchmen Art Market is a great addition to the nightlife of Frenchmen Street and offers a unique outlet for local artists to connect with both tourists and locals alike. The response from both neighborhood locals as well as tourists has been overwhelmingly positive, and we hope that the New Orleans City Council will agree and allow us to make the Frenchmen Art Market a permanent event!

The Frenchmen Art Market currently takes place Thursdays through Sundays, 7pm til 1am. Sign your name to show your support for its continued existence!

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    2. Join us at City Hall next Tuesday, November 13th at 1:30

      Mallory Whitfield
      Petition Organizer

      Want to really show your support of making the Frenchmen Art Market permanent? We hope that you will join us on Tuesday, November 13th at 1:30 at City Hall for our hearing to obtain a permanent permit for the market!

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    Reasons for signing

    • Jessica Woodard MADISON, WI
      • 9 months ago

      COMMUNITY!! Frenchmen Street is one of the big reasons I'm planning to make New Orleans my home soon. The atmosphere at the Art Market is what gave me a real sense of belonging and COMMUNITY the moment I set foot there! It's a very important part of that community!!

    • Gianna Broussard NEW ORLEANS, LA
      • 12 months ago

      We NEED a place with multiple local art options! This is so needed!

    • Sara Brawley GRANITE CITY, IL
      • about 1 year ago

      I travel to New Orleans often, and as an artist, I would love to see this development thrive.

    • sara mason WAVELAND, MS
      • over 1 year ago

      I have been a couple of time and have really enjoyed it... it adds a little more flair to frenchman st!

    • Allyn Webster FAIRFAX, SC
      • over 1 year ago

      Because it is a wonderful place for artists to share their work and for city people and tourist to see and buy.


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