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  • Petitioned New Orleans City Council

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New Orleans City Council

Change the Budgeting Process

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      NOCOG Budgeting for Democracy Campaign

      New Orleans, LA


Petition for Democratic Budget Hearings

Whereas, the City Council Budget Hearings are held on weekdays, beginning at 10:00 a.m., when most people are at work; and 

Whereas, the City Council Budget Hearings do not operate with a detailed agenda with allocated time slots for each topic; and

Whereas, City Departments do not identify what portion of the department budget is allocated for staff and for programming; and

Whereas, performance measurements,as currently set, are not clearly defined and do not reflect the funding priorities of residents.

We believe that the current City Council Budget Hearing process limits citizen participation and does not allow the City Council to identify the budget priorities of residents or to determine what programs would best meet these priorities, and we request that the City Council make the following changes to its current budgeting process to increase citizen participation: 


1.      Start budget hearings held during the workweek no earlier than 5:00 p.m.

2.      Provide a detailed agenda that includes time frames for each topic.

3.      Provide an itemized list of staff salaries (classified and unclassified).

4.      Set performance measurements that align with the identified budget priorities.


Convened by the New Orleans Coalition for Open Governance (NOCOG), Budgeting for Democracy aims to create a social and political environment in which community members can be actively involved in the city budgeting process. The Budgeting for Democracy partnership consists of Committee for a Better New Orleans (CBNO), Mary Queen of Vietnam Community Development Corporation (MQVNCDC), Neighborhoods Partnership Network (NPN), Partnership for Youth Development, Puentes-New Orleans, and the Vietnamese American Young Leaders Association (VAYLA). We believe that community input strengthens the ability of City Council to utilize our tax dollars in the most effective manner and empowers all residents of New Orleans.



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    Reasons for signing

    • Joycelyn Evans NEW ORLEANS, LA
      • over 1 year ago

      As citizens of New Orleans, we have the right to participate in anything to do with where our tax dollars are being used. To limit citizen input is a dictatorship.

    • Jamie Hill HARAHAN, LA
      • almost 2 years ago

      All property owners and residents should have a chance to attend the budget hearings. Evening hearings ensure that all citizens who wish to attend can do so without needing to take time off from work.

    • Wendy King NEW ORLEANS, LA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Holding these hearings in the evenings allows more New Orleanians to come after work, so that they can speak up during this vital process, and be part of the hearings. Many functions of city government directly affect our residents' quality of life. Public safety (NOPD), public health, public education, culture, the arts, and other aspects of our city life depend on departments being budgeted properly. Trash pickup and recycling, safe water supplies, working street lights, well-lit streets, and streets that are well-maintained are budgeting priorities. So are safe city streets, youth programs, law enforcement agencies, court systems, and other departments.

    • Trey Santelli RIVER RIDGE, LA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Everything that affects NOLA affects the entire state.

    • Leon D. Richard BATON ROUGE, LA
      • almost 2 years ago

      All elected and appointed "custodians of the people's monies" must be held accountable. The politicians work for us. Often times these politicians forget that they too work for the public. They do not have "carte blanche" to do what they will, they work for "We the People", and must be held accountable.

      When we entrust people with the responsibility of providing security of homes, the education of our children and the safety,health and well being of or families, we have every right to EXPECT AND DEMAND the type of service that we desire. We have every right to make it clear to them what path they are to follow, were our monies are to go and what goals need to be achieved for them to remain our employees. When they fail to perform, we owe better to ourselves and our children to dismiss them. If we do not, then that is our fault and we should hang our heads in shame.

      I for one will not hang my head. I will stand up and do what I can to change the city and move our city forward.


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