New Mexicans: Stand with Eric Griego and the 99%
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New Mexicans: Stand with Eric Griego and the 99%

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      Eric Griego for Congress

A growing movement of ordinary Americans are marching peacefully in their communities to send a message to Washington and Wall Street:

We’re fed up with Wall Street greed and Washington inaction on jobs. We need jobs -- not cuts -- and policies that benefit 99% of Americans instead of only the top 1%.

State Senator Eric Griego is standing in solidarity with the 99% as he runs to represent New Mexico's 1st District in Congress.

Eric's running because he believes that Congress needs to build an economy that works for all Americans, not just the richest among us. 

Join Eric Griego and send a message to Speaker Boehner: Get America working again by passing the American Jobs Act before the Thanksgiving Recess. Pay for it by taxing the dangerous Wall Street speculation that got us into this economic mess.

We need Congress to create jobs, not play political games, and the next representative from the Albuquerque area must be willing to roll up their sleeves and stand their ground. That's why Eric Griego is running to represent New Mexico's 1st District in Congress.  As Congressman, he will fight to rebuild the American Dream.

Eric is going to deliver our letters to John Boehner personally in Washington - and he'll bring the media along to make sure Speaker Boehner feels the pressure. 

Take action today to stand with the 99%.

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    • james m nordlund FARGO, ND
      • about 3 years ago

      Progressives aren't "occupiers", which is imperialist, racist, patriarchal, at minimum; better to go with de-occupy, as the police, etc., are the occupying army in the united suck of assassins- or, if that's too intellectual for you, then re-occupy, replacing the nazi, fascist, totalitarian usa occupiers with the people! As well, the supposed left rhetoric of 99 % isn’t true; although, it is popularitist faking populist; with a twist of fake socialism. Please make it much more real, so, the real left doesn’t confuse your reactionary efforts as another weapon of mass-distraction, disruption of the evolutionary growth of the left, and attempt at misdirecting it, for the remocrat conspiracy, as most efforts by the media whores and faux left marketeers attempt, as well as those who are civil wrongs leaders, who manufacture not much more than political theater for those on the left who want its mass consumption; just like the dinos, remocrats and S.S. Tea Partiers do for the rest of the populace, in the multi-media conspiracy, for the corporate structure’s convolution- to thwart the evolution. You can always tell the smoke and mirrors from the real thing, when lala land, hollywood, nyc, and wash, dc, Machiavellians all, libertarian celebs, anarcho-fascists, media whores, and left marketeers all show up before something even becomes a movement, and m moore declares it a “revolution that won’t end”, one knows it a mere contrivance of the everything to everyone corporate structure attempting to cash in, identify for liquidation of asses and assets, the real left; and mitigate the real angst of the middle-class to poor, for the duopoly, before the 2012 re-enthronement of the dino-in-chief- who’ve been being warred upon by the upper-middle-class to rich since the 70’s (war of attrition) . Then when the dino unions and media go all in (neo-liberals), and the centralization of delusional profit and pleasure in ever-increasingly cyclical and centralizing patterns becomes evident, it’s definite. There’s no profit, pleasure or power from destruction, murder to extinction, even for the victims; no matter how many ‘cards’ they have, or play. Your hearts are in the right place, that’s why I still totally support you, while your minds aren’t; that’s okay, you can change your minds- remember, the intellect can’t lead, for, the life doesn’t follow. Isn’t it kind of premature protestation anyway, as a continual presence vigil would have been better started after winter and not before, decreasing the expenses of the left, and the asses of those involved being sucked preserved, for an extra 6 months; as the economic side of the war of attrition against the middle-class to poor is paramount now- thereby, the left has its needed resources at Spring time, instead of having spent them all already? Fight the powers that unbe, struggle against la machine, resistance is never futile; viva la evolution. reality


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