Save the South Mountain Reservation!
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Save the South Mountain Reservation!

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      Save Our Reservation

Stop the proposed dam across the southern section of the South Mountain Reservation! The US Army Corps of Engineers, in partnership with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, is considering a proposal to build a 880-foot, 70-foot high earthen dam for flood abatement on the Rahway River in Essex County.  Construction of the dam and the associated 110-acre dry detention basin would irreparably damage our treasured century-old park. 

We want the US Army Corps of Engineers to take the dam option entirely off the table.  There are viable alternative solutions that need to be seriously considered before destroying public parkland.  Save Our Reservation champions a more open process and a more balanced, equitable approach to flood solutions involving all towns in the Rahway River watershed.  Please sign the petition and help preserve this cherished open space.

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    • Bruce Dziedzic MAPLEWOOD, NJ
      • 12 days ago

      had many good times wondering thru the " Res " growing up and still enjoy walking thru in the fall and spring ...should not be changed..

    • mona stevens CORAL SPRINGS, FL
      • 12 days ago

      We need to preserve nature

    • Michael J. Maltese CLARK, NJ
      • 13 days ago

      There is a REASON it's called a "Reservation"! It was SUPPOSED to be preserved exactly the way it is and has been for a century! It's rich with history, memories and wildlife. This proposal will destroy ALL of that! We can NOT let this happen! There are a half dozen reserviors already in that area! Why detro this natural beauty that we enjoy so much!

    • Scott Daley MILLBURN, NJ
      • 2 months ago

      It's such a beautiful resource in our area. There are other options that could, and should be considered.

    • Mark Miller PARSIPPANY, NJ
      • 2 months ago

      This dam would flood over a large part of the park that is currently open to recreation and wildlife. There are other options, including widening the floodplain of the lower Rahway River to absorb greater flows. This would give Union County a great riparian greenbelt stretching along the entire river without adversely effecting South Mountain forest lands. Greenways along floodplains of rivers are the most certain way of preventing floods AND providing additional recreation lands for public use and open space.


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