Netflix: To disclose all modifications made on films and shows presented and offered from Netflix.
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Netflix: To disclose all modifications made on films and shows presented and offered from Netflix.

    1. Yankee Rose
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      Yankee Rose


Wouldn't it be nice to know which foods you spend your hard-earned money on has any GMO ingredients in them?  This petition may not alleviate that unfortunate subject matter, BUT we can do something about films getting modified!!!!


Simply, it would be nice to know if the films and shows we watch via Netflix have been modified in any way so that if we the viewer/subscriber/consumer who wants to watch the films or shows in its original format, can look for other avenues to do so.







When you watch a movie, no matter how  and where you view it, you are not just watching talking characters telling you a story. 


You are watching a combination of elements put together by a team of artists and a team of highly trained craftspeople who created a universe and a group of characters to come to life on screen.  


After months, or possibly even years, of creating a story, finding the right people to play the characters, figuring out how the universe or just a bedroom will look, strategically planning how explosions will look, what colors to use, and blah blah blah - all of this planning and prepping and building comes together on the day of the actual film shoot.  


There's an infinite amount of ways the combination of elements could be captured on camera.  It could be shot in a way where it's supposed to look light-hearted, or be funny, or to scare the pants off of you, or it could even be shot to squeeze out every ounce of emotion from you.  


On that special and stressful day of filming, the Director, the camera department, the art department, the props department, the actors, the animal trainers, the SFX people, and the rest of highly skilled team slaps all that hard work together and put it on camera.


But not just anyone can capture these combination of elements and tell the story the way it's been strategically planned to be shown.  


It takes a highly trained professional who's a natural artist with a great eye and a great sense of storytelling to make it all come together.  It takes someone who knows how to create and manipulate light, create movement, making everything and everyone look awesome, creating emotion, and making the overall screen beautifully composed at the same time.


That is the cinematographer.


Cinematography is more than just an image - cinematography is the glue that is strategically framed to tell you something of the story and to make you feel something at the same time. 


Sound is actually just as important, but I'm focusing more on the visual aspect of cinema here for now, although this petition should ideally blanket ANY type of modifications made on any films presented.


To most of the population, the visual aesthetic may not matter as much as the actual story itself.  But to the population who respects the art of cinema and understands that A LOT of the story is told by the cinematography, re-cropping a film to fit on screen just isn't acceptable, and I personally find it disrespectful to the art.


But money talks, and people who think they're getting their money's worth by watching a movie fill their whole TV screen will most likely be the reason the companies who modify these films, will keep modifying them.


All I'm wanting here is that Netflix will let us viewers/subscribers know what films and programs they present have been modified and how it's been modified, and so I don't always have to double check the movie specs on IMDB or the like.


That way, we the viewer/subscriber, have the option to view it in its modified version, or find another option to to watch the film the way it was intended to be viewed.


If you respect the art of film as a whole, please join us and sign the petition so that we can be heard.


Thank you.




To disclose all modifications made on films and shows presented and offered through Netflix.

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    1. ok...

      Yankee Rose
      Petition Organizer

      i thought we were almost there because i thought i only needed 100 signatures. apparently i only look like i'm smart...... anyways, i guess i just need to somehow get as many signatures as possible. that's the way Netflix will start paying attention to us.

      this petition nonsense is so confusing.......

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    3. We are almost there!!!!!

      Yankee Rose
      Petition Organizer

      honestly i have no idea what happens after we hit 100 signatures. but it says that's all we need!!!!! i really hope this works...

    4. half way there!

      Yankee Rose
      Petition Organizer

      websites are starting to share this ridiculous, but very serious, petition! thanks for the support, and i want all of you to know that you look great today.

      Petition Demands Netflix Informs Fans When It Makes Aspect Ratio Changes

      Movie fans fed up with Netflix cropping their favorite features are trying to do something about it. A petition has been filed on demanding that the video rental and streaming service begin disclosing all modifications made to films being shown through the tool. Maybe you've heard about these modifications?

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    6. only 88 more to go!

      Yankee Rose
      Petition Organizer

      we just need 100 signatures to make this go public public....whatever that means.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Amelia Cox HONOLULU, HI
      • 6 months ago

      It bothers me that Netflix is cutting ACTUAL CONTENT from episodes of my favorite shows. if it wre just wonky aspect rations, I don't think I'd care as much, but they are cutting major lines from series, and removing subtitles for foreign or made-up languages. This needs to STOP.

    • Igor Alves TORONTO, CANADA
      • 8 months ago

      As a filmmaker, I have the right to know if what I am watching has been modified from what the cinematographer and director had originally intended.

    • Augusto Gonzalez Polo BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA
      • about 1 year ago

      You cannot cut a art piece...

    • George Elsasser VA. BEACH, VA
      • about 1 year ago

      I consider film an art form, I am interested in seeing the film makers vision. It is a deal breaker.

      I suspected aspect & possible compression issues - that alone has kept me from streaming, don't forget the real film fans.

    • Jacob Floyd YPSILANTI, MI
      • about 1 year ago

      As a filmmaker, I wish for the creative decisions of other those in my craft to be respected in their entirety. You wouldn't stream a color film in black and white, you don't present a 2.35:1 or a 4:3 film in 16:9.


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