Reinstate Gregg Nelson as head coach of Negaunee Girl's Varsity Basketball
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Reinstate Gregg Nelson as head coach of Negaunee Girl's Varsity Basketball

    1. David Speaker Jr
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      David Speaker Jr

      Negaunee, MI

Gregg is an amazing coach and leader who bleeds maize and blue. He prepares the student-athletes he coaches for both the game and life. He has devoted many years to Negaunee Public Schools and has represented them with passion, integrity, and character. In life you are not entitled to anything and coach Nelson instills this in those he coaches. He stood up against bullying and for that, should not have such a harsh reprecussion. He had used foul language, he’s not perfect, but I think a man who has done as much as Gregg Nelson has for Negaunee Schools deserves a little more consideration. Please sign this petition if you feel that Gregg Nelson should be reinstated as the head coach of the Negaunee Girl's Varsity Basketball team.


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    • Jim McCormick LENEXA, KS
      • about 2 years ago

      Gregg Nelson is an outstanding person and outstanding coach and is a legendary face in terms of Negaunee Athletics. The liberal atmosphere that great leaders in our country face today is what is crippling our country. Anyone who is for decency, American values, and supporting what is right has to support Gregg Nelson.

    • Alyssa Denofre DELAND, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      People swear all the time, it's not as if Coach Nelson physically abused his athletes. There was a member of the team being bullied, and isn't that supposed to be stopped by a teacher (or coach)? Making someone not want to go to school because of what they're going through is way worse than getting sworn at... especially when most of the population swears these days. Pick up a book, watch a movie, walk around town.. how many times do you hear a swear, or say one yourself? At least think of a good reason before you let someone go. He was standing up for the student when no one else did.

    • Heather Ihamaki MIRAMAR, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      I am a product of Gregg Nelson's coaching. I played basketball all through middle and high school, and was a member of the 1998-99 team that won districts, regionals and was class ABC team of the year that went all the way to the state quarter finals. I am now myself a teacher and have taught for 6 years in Broward County Florida. I am not familiar with the details of what happened, but if the Nice Community School District relieved Nelson of his position because he tried to stop a bullying situation, the District needs to rethink their actions. Bullying has become a very SERIOUS offense that continues to get more attention; most recently in New York with the woman bus monitor who was verbally abused for 15 minutes by middle school students. The STATE OF FLORIDA has even passed bullying laws making it ILLEGAL to bully anyone within the state. Regardless as to whether or not he used foul language, he did the right thing and if the District really wanted to address the language issue they could of reprimanded him, not let him go.

    • Katie Marks GWINN, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      If more people stood up against bullying like my uncle Gregg did, kids wouldn't be committing suicide all over our country! Our society has turned in to a sickening one. If kids actually got a boot in the ass from their PARENTS, things like this wouldn't have to happen. Stop turning a blind eye to bullying!

    • Brad Ghiardi NEGAUNEE, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      Greg was the best coach I ever had in any sport. His lessons carried over to real life. I believe this would be a travesty to not have our kids to experience being coached by greg Nelson


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