NCDOT: Replace your current bridge plan with a community friendly bridge.
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NCDOT Bridge Project Manager
NCDOT Kristine O’Conner
Director, NC Dept. of Cultural Resources
Linda Carlyle
Civilian Bridge Office of the United States Coast Guard
Waverly W Gregory Jr.
Carteret County Commission Chair
Robin Comer
Mayor, Town of Beaufort
Richard Stanley
Mayor Pro tem, Town of Beaufort
Robert Campbell
President of the Friends of the Museum
Rich Olsen
Director NC Maritime Museum
Joe Schwarzer
Vice Chairman, Carteret County Commissioners
Pat Joyce
Town Manager, Town of Beaufort
Charles Burgess
Carteret County Commissioner
Greg Lewis
Carteret County Commissioner
Holt Faircloth
Carteret County Commissioner
Bill Smith
Beaufort Town Commissioner
Charles McDonald
Beaufort Town Commissioner
Marianna Hollinshed
Beaufort Town Commissioner
John Hagle
Beaufort Town Commissioner
Ann Carter
5th Coast Guard District Bridge Office
Bill Brazier
Captain - 5th Coast Guard District
Captain Gregory Case
Commander 5th Coast Guard District
Rear Admiral Steven Ratti
Deputy Commandant for Operations, U.S. Coast Guard
Vice Admiral Brian M. Salerno
Commandant of the US Coast Guard
Admiral Robert Papp
Carteret County Commissioner
Doug Harris
Governor State of NC
Bev Purdue
State Transportation Secretary
Gene Conti
NC State Representative
Pat McElraft
NC State Senator
Jean Preston
North Carolina-03
Rep. Walter Jones
North Carolina
Sen. Kay Hagan

NCDOT: Replace your current bridge plan with a community friendly bridge.

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      Buccaneers for a Better Beaufort Bridge

I just signed a petition calling for the NCDOT to rescind the current bridge plan with a better, Beaufort oriented plan.  This plan is outlined on the website.  The current NCDOT plan stunts Beaufort's future growth, our present tourism trade, and does not fit with our community's maritime history. Our bridge should be constructed with both practical use and aesthetic appeal in mind. Beautiful shrubbery, historically themed lighting and a much needed bicycle/pedestrian lane would open up movement to all types of traffic, in keeping with the “Coolest Small Town in America” and “America's Favorite Yachting Community”. Our bridge would keep the beautiful vista of the marshlands and the Newport River, would not disrupt the existing infrastructure of the NC Maritime Museum’s Gallants Channel Annex or Tall Ship Wharfs, would allow the passage of the majority of vessels without the need to open the bridge, would allow passage of tall rigged vessel, both sail and fishing, passage to the developing Gallant’s Channel Annex, and to Marine facilities for repairs and storm refuge.  It would allow for future growth of these type of facilities north of our new bridge.   If you must build a new replacement bridge, build a bridge that has the characteristics we are asking for. Build a better bridge, a more useful bridge, and town-friendly bridge for US...Our Bridge. 


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    • Rich Huffman BEAUFORT, NC
      • about 1 year ago

      Environmental & tourist economy impacts.

      It is very disturbing that a highly toxic solution is preferred when less toxic alternatives are readily available and recommended.

      The port authority consistently shows arrogance for this environmentally sensitive area and the people who live here.

    • clifford weeks SPRINGHILL, FL
      • about 1 year ago

      it makes scense

      • over 1 year ago

      Vacation there every year. Keep as much history as possible.

    • Barbie Frick NINETY SIX, SC
      • over 1 year ago

      Family on front street and spend lots of time in the area

    • Tom Forrester BEAUFORT, NC
      • over 1 year ago

      The new planned high rise bridge is an absolute waste. What is the cost? Do you realize how long that amount of money would run and repair the current bridge, and save some jobs? Keep the quaintness of Beaufort. This type of progress is not always better.


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