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NCAA: Fire Mark Emmert as President of the NCAA

    1. Josh O
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      Josh O

      Fairfax, VA

NCAA Board of Directors: Fire Mark Emmert

In light of the recent embarrassing and blatantly inappropriate internal failures of the NCAA in the University of Miami pay-for-play investigation, we as fans, alumni and supporters of college athletics are petitioning for the termination of Mark Emmert as President of the NCAA. Throughout Emmert's tenure as President of the NCAA, the organization has failed miserably in its mission to promote and protect the "student-athlete." A listed of the organization’s recent failures was appropriately stated by college football guru Stewart Mandel from CNNSI,

“Remember the Cam Newton "loophole?" That was a good one. How about Ohio State's Tattoo Five being allowed to play in the Sugar Bowl thanks to some obscure waiver? Thank goodness they protected the "integrity" of a game that was later vacated. Last year, in a shameless abuse of power, Emmert shucked any notion of precedent or protocol in doling out his own personal Penn State penalties. The state of Pennsylvania is filing a suit over that one. Meanwhile, last fall, an NCAA investigator was reportedly fired after her boyfriend blabbed to a fellow airplane passenger about her pursuit of UCLA basketball freshman Shabazz Muhammad (he was reinstated shortly thereafter), while a Los Angeles judge ripped the organization for its "malicious" treatment of former USC running backs coach Todd McNair (implicated in the Reggie Bush case)."

Read More: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/college-football/news/20130123/ncaa-miami-investigation-mark-emmert/#ixzz2Ivk1w1b4

Ironically, Mandel even omitted what may have been one of the organization’s most embarrassing failures, which relates to the heart of the NCAA mission: inaction and excuses as a response to alleged football related academic fraud at the University of North Carolina. As the leader of this dysfunctional association, Emmert must assume responsibility for the numerous failed investigations. In any organization, an inability to adhere to stated procedures, failure to implement the mission and reckless abuse of power are symptoms of failed leadership. To begin the restoration of the student-athlete brand, we call for a change in leadership of the NCAA. Remove Mark Emmert from power.

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    • Lauren Ravenscroft FREMONT, CA
      • 9 months ago

      Because Mark Emmert has completely mismanaged the NCAA and to cover his failures decided to use the Jerry Sandusky scandal to go after Penn State, one of the cleanest programs in the country, yet allows to slide the baloney that goes on at North Carolina with fake classes and similar cases.

    • laurie stanell PIPERSVILLE, PA
      • 9 months ago

      Mark Emmett used Penn State and Joe Paterno to try to fool the nation into believing the NCAA is all powerful . It didn't work .

    • Jean Bartnik STATE COLLEGE, PA
      • 9 months ago

      Mr Emmert ignores violations covered by the NCAA and bullied sanctions on PSU.

    • ann melnyk OVERLAND PARK, KS
      • 9 months ago

      He has changed good and decent peoples lives for the bad

    • Adam Leonard BOYNTON BEACH, FL
      • 9 months ago

      Emmert is a hypocritical idiot who punished Penn State with and illegal sanctions in a rush to judgment without following the NCAA's protocol of doing its own independent investigation before issuing sanctions. He criticizes Penn State's "Football culture" when Penn State's football team had consistantly better GPAS and graduation rates than any school Emmert was President at.


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