Add Rachel Maddow As Human Rights Correspondent in Olympics coverage
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Add Rachel Maddow As Human Rights Correspondent in Olympics coverage

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      Truth Wins Out

To Ensure Fair And Accurate Coverage Of The 2014 Sochi Olympic Games, Truth Wins Out Strongly Urges NBC To Assign Rachel Maddow As A Special Human Rights Correspondent For The Duration Of The Games

Russia has made international news over the last several years as an egregious abuser of human rights. The list of abuses under Vladimir Putin's regime is long and growing: passing laws banning the mere mention of gay people under the guise of protecting minors; banning adoption of Russian children by parents from nations with marriage equality; arresting and threatening to arrest gay tourists; turning a blind eye to thugs seeking out and torturing LGBT youth; arresting political protesters such as the members of Pussy Riot; killing journalists; passing laws banning criticism of the Orthodox Church. It's amazing that this is the same nation which will be hosting the 2014 Olympic Games. But, indeed they will be held in the Russian town of Sochi, on the shore of the Black Sea.

Worldwide outrage has led to boycotts of Russian products and demands that LGBT athletes be kept safe from the Russian government during the Games. The Russian government's response hasn't been very comforting. Human Rights Campaign president Chad Griffin sent a letter to NBC demanding that the network expose the reality of Russia during Olympic coverage, but the response thus far has been lukewarm. Some have suggested that people of good will should boycott the Games entirely, and given the grave situation, it's an idea worth serious consideration. However, If the Olympic Games proceed, Truth Wins Out has has a suggestion to greatly enhance olympic media coverage:

The spotlight can be harsh, but Russia specifically asked for it when they submitted a bid and agreed to host the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi. People around the world want to watch and support the Olympics, but they want to do so with a clear conscience. Make a difference, NBC, by adding Rachel Maddow to the Olympic coverage as a special Human Rights Correspondent.

NBC's Olympic coverage has long featured myriad human interest pieces, about the athletes competing, and about all aspects of life in the home nation. There is more than enough time in prime time Olympic coverage for hard-hitting pieces exposing the reality of what LGBT people, political dissidents and other minorities face every day under the Putin regime.

Rachel Maddow is one of the most respected television journalists in the United States, with a reputation for being thorough, fair, informative and entertaining. Rachel has the expertise and the instincts to tell this full story to a viewing audience who are appalled by the treatment of their Russian brothers and sisters. Adding her to NBC's coverage won't fly in the face of the Olympic spirit, but rather enhance it, as there is nothing in the ethics or the history of the Olympic Games that can coexist peacefully with the war Russia is waging against her own citizens, and the rest of the world needs to know.

NBC is fortunate to have such an esteemed, beloved journalist in their family of networks. Bringing her into the Olympics coverage is, frankly, a no-brainer. Do the right thing, NBC, for the Olympics, and for the Russian people. The world is watching.

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      In the past few weeks, the LGBT activist community has kicked into high gear exposing the atrocities going on in Russia in advance of the Sochi Olympic Games, and taking action to make a difference on behalf of our Russian LGBT brothers and sisters.

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    Jul 31, 2013

    NBC Networks: Add Rachel Maddow As Human Rights Correspondent in Olympics coverage via @change

    Andy Bell (Erasure)

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    • Maddy Madden AUSTRALIA
      • 6 months ago

      Being bi sexual myself, this is extremely hurtful to see. How can we be so cruel to our own people? WHAT IS WRONG WITHT E WORLD. Action needs to happen to stop these crimes and expose these people and be prosecuted!

    • joey han ESCONDIDO, CA
      • 8 months ago

      People need to know this is the start to another holocaust, this is sick, disturbing, and sad that our human race has such brain washed twisted human beings.

    • Dyan Diven OIL CITY, PA
      • 9 months ago

      She is a lesbian and newsperson who can give the things straight people could not.

    • Michelle Shirek CABOT, AR
      • 9 months ago

      Cause laws like this are all about silencing victims of abuse if you can't talk to kids about non traditional sex how can they report molestation its no surprise the orthedox church has been backing this they've had just as many scandals as the roman church just less well publicised have her investigate the Russian child sex tourism trade and how gay clubs in schools and youth groups were educating gay males that submitting to rape by adult males is not what gay is about these clubs told them they had right to date/love/and marry someone their OWN AGE(gasp) What no more pretty young boys available to abuse ?damn, get those gays!

    • Bri Baxter Herrick CANTON, GA
      • 10 months ago

      This is important to me because I was one person who supported tuning out the 2014 Winter Olympics despite my love and respect for those who compete on a world stage. Russia's leaders should be made to feel shame and acknowledge their hateful actions. However, silence never stopped a bully and it won't this time either. Rachel Maddow is intelligent, articulate, out of the closet, and would be a fabulous spokesperson for Human Rights to highlight the struggle that continues abroad and here at home in North America. This is important to me because I have a terminally ill wife who recently became my wife because we left everything and everyone behind to move a 1,000 miles away to a state that offered Marriage Equality. This is important to me because I have two children that I can legally say are now my children because we fought to be recognized as a family. As a kid growing up, I always thought that being gay would mean I was not fully seen as a person. For a long time that was true. Now, that tide has definitively changed and I can only throw my full support behind this action that will further present and future generations of LGBT persons from feeling fear and shame.


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