UN-CONSTITUTIONAL : Stop closings of Federal Parks to US Citizens
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National Park Service, Audubon Society, SELC

UN-CONSTITUTIONAL : Stop closings of Federal Parks to US Citizens

    1. Justin Davis
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      Justin Davis

      Buxton, NC


FEDERAL PARK land is at serious risk.

Location: United States of America.
Parks effected: All Federal Parks, Cape Hatteras, SC, GA, FL, NJ, NY, CO, CA...

Federal Parks are being closed little by little. "Ecological misinformation" for the closing of a Federal Park should be a crime.The NPS, SELC, and the Audubon Society are systematically shutting down access to your public Federal Parks all over the USA. Week by week they are using your donations to fatten their bank accounts, land grab, hire lawyers, and gain political power. These entities are already killing small town economies all that rely on tourism due to National Parks. Once business fail... houses get foreclosed,and banks get the property. Lifelong visitors will not want to come back when they have to pay for access or be told they cannot walk on a beach or hiking trail. --- Our Parks are getting smaller and smaller due to privatized interests and ecological lobbying scams.

-- Save the birds? But shoot and kill other indigenous animals to protect nests? The NPS has been photographed killing foxes, racoons local dogs and cats that wander in to the areas. When the NPS finds one Piping Plover nest they close down hundred of yards of the park. You can get closer to the President of the United States than you can a piping plover! In Cape Hatteras, NC the NPS has closed down miles and miles of Federal Park lands to the public and started charging $125 for vehicle access. Charging money to access the beach does not help wildlife, it only fattens the pockets of NPS for further closings and NO Access signs. A NPS employee said, "The locals cannot accept change." -- It's not about change. It's about your Constitutional rights as a US citizen and the Constitution of the United States being violated and smeared. The ugly veil of these groups will be lifted eventually and all will come to light.

- See OBPA's website for more info http://obpa-nc.org/joomla/

- Please support HR 4094 introduced by Walter B Jones.
Office#: 202-225-3415   http://jones.house.gov/

- Jone's HR 4094 made it through committee meetings and will be on the floor of the House and Senate. -- Please bring America's Parks and beaches back to American People. Please sign this Petition to help voice your concern and protect your citizen rights.. Our founding fathers would be rolling in their graves if they knew Federal Park lands were being pillaged in this manner.

This is not just happening in NC, but all over the United States..

Your Constitutional Rights are being violated by private interests.

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    • Beth Withrow MIAMISBURG, OH
      • about 2 years ago

      Our parks are getting smaller and smaller due to these scams....Just this year, now people have to pay to drive on the beaches of Hatteras Island...and most of the beaches are closed to walking due to the fact that a bird MAY nest there...These new rules have adversely affected the econony of Hatteras Island and hampered the enjoyed of millions to walk the beach...fish....and enjoy the National Park that before had access to people just just birds.....

    • Mark Black WESTMINSTER, SC
      • about 2 years ago

      Its just one more sign that the US Gov. really wants everyone to live close to the city, just to control

      one more thing in your everyday life. If we don't act soon the UN will trump the US Constitution.

    • Bonnie White EDENTON, NC
      • over 2 years ago

      They are doing the same thing in Dare county and I find it ridiculous that we have to pay for something twice when we already pay through our taxes.

    • Angela Keel PUNTA GORDA, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      I am really upset at the way NPS is shutting down Cape Lookout's National Seashore and at the way they are acting so "militant" - writing people tickets for wandering into wrong areas, unloading in places where the signs are not 100% clear, giving tickets to people whose dogs are off leash even when they are three pound Yorkies, and treating everyone with such ridiculous "suspicion." This is OUR LAND and God gave HUMAN BEINGS DOMINION.....not piping plovers. We can "share" the habitats like we have for hundreds of years with no problem.

    • Leo Mellon LANSDOWNE, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      paid $150 for three vehicles last week only to find out that access was very crowded and limited for fishing. We also paid $80.00 for fishing licenses that we hardly used. Waste of money. Birds should be protected but it seems like rights of American citizens are being run by government. People, not birds, need access to beaches for recreation, fishing and swimming. Portions of the beaches in America have always been cordoned off for birds and turtles but not whole beaches that are owned by all Americans. I fear that tourism in the Outer Banks will be greatly affected putting many American people out of work in this beautiful area of our Country. True fishermen want access to the point and other areas of the beach in the Outer Banks.


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