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National Automatic Civil Rights Restoration for Ex-Offenders

    1. Darryl Jones
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      Darryl Jones


Please note that recidivism is a subsequent illegal act that results in re-arrest and/or incarceration after being released from house arrest, jail, prison, parole, and/or probation. According to a recent report by The Florida Parole Commission, “the overall three-year recidivism rate based on all released inmates” was 33..1, while the recidivism rate for released prisoners who were given their civil rights back and were allowed to vote stood at 11 percent (Frazier, 2011). In addition, Governor Scott's secretly implemented Executive Order, that took effect in March of 2011 to cancel automatic civil rights restoration, extends the reinstatement process for no less than five years and for as long as a lifetime without any guarantee of ever getting one's civil rights back. For example, see the links: http://www.motherjones.com/mojo/2012/07/black-vote-felon-disenfranchisement-laws-florida and http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/23/felon-disenfranchisement-laws-huffpost-live_n_1825236.html. It is subject to a lengthy review process which extends the sentence no less than 7 years in addition to the 270 days already served pursuant to the adjudication. Participation in the 2008 election after my civil rights were automatically restored by the 2007 law was not remotely impactful in the minds of state officials. In fact the Office of Executive Clemency and the Governor's Office are as inflexible as expected; even though evidence has been presented that identifies the negative effects of government support for group exclusion from social and political processes. As an example, strengths of the cognitive structural theories are that specific experiences channeled toward a particular result increase the chance of the exposed person reaching the proposed result faster and with higher skill proficiency (Argosy University, 2011; Jones 2011). Moreover, Florida is 1 of 13 states in the USA where non-violent offenders are subjected to a long unfriendly process that, more often than not, results in permanent loss of civil rights without ever committing another offense (ProCon.org, 2012).
Sign the petition if you and/or someone you know has been released from custody and not been granted automatic civil rights restoration or been informed that the civil rights that were granted based on the 2007 law were cancelled and you must wait five years or more from the date of your release before you can apply to the Office of Executive Clemency. As a result, one may NEVER re-establish one's civil rights due to the seven year backlog for processing requests, as well as the resultant alienation from non-acceptance amid non-participation, increases the chance of people committing subsequent crime(s).

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    1. ProPublica Article-Voter Suppression Disenfranchisement in Florida-June 15

      Darryl Jones
      Petition Organizer

      Copy and paste the link into your browser and see the federal government's effort to right an unconscionable wrong.


      Subsequent articles are forthcoming. Your help is appreciated! Keep spreading the word!

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    • Susan Greenbaum TAMPA, FL
      • over 1 year ago

      I am concerned about the rights of ex-felons and about voter suppression. Both issues are contained herein.

    • Nathaniel Mustafaa SARASOTA, FL
      • over 1 year ago

      Inmates are human beings with tremendous potential. After an inmate has served his or her time. It's immoral and inhuman for their full rights not to be restored.in a civilized society.

    • Karen Bennett PORTLAND, TN
      • almost 2 years ago

      We need to do as much as possible to make sure folks have a chance to be productive citizens after they have complted their sentences. They are included in census counts for voting jurisdictions but not allowed to vote and they pay taxes. This is taxation without representation because they have no say in who represents them or what laws govern them.

    • Sarah Steele WEST COLUMBIA, SC
      • about 2 years ago

      I know many individuals who are or have been incarcerated. I believe that these individuals should have equal rights once they have been released. If these people are not out commiting crimes and repeating their offenses, then they deserve to be given their constitutional rights back. This is estimated to save in excess of $4 billion that could be rerouted and used elsewhere, such as education, healthcare, jobs, etc. This is of extreme importance that the people of America see what our government is doing to people who have messed up, but proven themselves worthy of their rights!

    • gladys cooper SAINT PETERSBURG, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      It is one of the most important Right(s) that people have.


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