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Validate your apology by using your platform to promote tolerance and acceptance

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      Lawson Miller

      Grantsville, UT


This is important because someone who millions of people look up to is spreading false information and stigmatizing LGBT people by using gay slurs. There are people who defend his actions and will continue to defend his actions simply because of his attractiveness or fame. This is wrong.

We need to show the world that hatred and intolerance will not be tolerated in the public sphere even by internet phenomenons and celebrities. Nash Grier should not get off of the hook simply because of his looks or because people like his videos. Through this petition we intend to reinforce the concept that homophobia and intolerance shouldn't be tolerated coming from anyone, we intend to reinforce the idea that the LGBT community's struggles and hardships are important and to let harmful statements off the hook simply because of someone's prominence or fame is wrong. And the LGBT community deserves and demands better.

This petition is also to show Grier fans that defending him solely because they "like him" and his videos, and find him attractive despite spewing gay slurs and misinformation is also unacceptable. It's to show that the LGBT community deserves better than people turning a blind eye to their struggles at the expense of liking someone's videos or looks, or whatever it may be. It's unacceptable. Grier fans are also part of society and they shouldn't be defending his use of these slurs and homophobia, it's just as harmful as the homophobia itself.

Nash Grier in a video showed people talking about how HIV "just isn't a gay thing" and proceeded to affirm that it was and afterwards used a gay slur.

We have seen homophobic tweets that were later dismissed by Grier (you can find these tweets by looking them up), and now there's a video displaying his misinformation and slurs for the whole world to see. There's no dodging this one.

This is important because Nash Grier is a popular figure among many teen fans, some of which are more than likey LGBT, and this is extremely hurtful and can have damaging and drastic effects. You have let fans and people down by stigmatizing the LGBT community and using gay slurs. This is unacceptable, and you don't get a free pass due to your fame. People look up to you, and what you say and do has real effects, sadly, when it comes to fame people can abuse their fame. You have abused your fame.

As a gay teen I never really was a huge fan of Nash Grier, however when I heard the gay slur it made me sick. It's something that can push people struggling with their sexuality further into the closet, and it's a slur that is harmful and has a deep impact on our community. You owe everyone, and the LGBT community an apology. LGBT teen suicide rates are already much higher than the average, and it's subtle things and slurs, and stigmatizing that pushes people to feel inadequate and sickened by themselves. It's something that pushes people to hate who they are, and some people feel like they would rather die than be who they are, and it's in part because of things like this.

If you don't take the sufferings and problems the LGBT community faces seriously, and you sit upon a stage with fame and millions of fans and use it to make the LGBT community feel inadequate and make things even harder, you do not deserve the popularity that you have.

Give the countless amounts of LGBT struggling with their identity or who still remain in the closet a voice by sending a unified message of support for the LGBT community that we stand united against this kind of intolerance and stigmatization. Be proud of who you are.

*UPDATE*: Grier has recently apologized through twitter, however the purpose of this petition was not just for him to acknowledge how offensive what he said and did was and apologize for it (which he did), it was also to raise awareness about things like this. Everyone's going to make mistakes and it's important people learn from them and how they can affect so many people especially when you have such a large young and impressionable audience like Nash Grier. 

Through this petition we would urge Nash Grier to validate his apology by using his platform to promote tolerance and acceptance for the LGBT community. Since he already makes videos, and he could make a video insulting LGBT people using a gay slur and spreading misinformation, he could also use his platform to promote tolerance and acceptance.

Publicly apologize for using gay slurs and recant your false statement regarding HIV.

Nash Grier
Publicly apologize for using gay slurs and recant your false statement regarding HIV

[Your name]

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    1. Victory!

      Lawson Miller
      Petition Organizer

      Nash Grier has apologized and acknowledged what he did wrong and that it was hurtful, and in regards to HIV "something he knew nothing about." He acknowledged that the video was "bullying" and "awful". He has said that he is "so, so sorry" for anyone he may have hurt creating the video.

      Millions of teen fans follow Grier and it's important that gay slurs are shown to be unacceptable, and that spreading misinformaton about HIV to millions of teen fans is also unacceptable. This petition was to shine light on this issue, and stand behind those who are LGBT or struggling with their sexualty.

      While this is a victory in the sense of an apology, we still have a long way to go in confronting the deep social issues facing the LGBT community.

      We thank all of our supporters and their help and care regarding this issue.


      Twitter / Nashgrier: http://t.co/uw0ftSqydp


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    3. TMZ reports the Vine video was uploaded in April

      Lawson Miller
      Petition Organizer

      The Vine video in which Grier spews a gay slur and where he affirms that HIV "is a gay only thing" was reported to be uploaded in April by TMZ. That was 3 months ago. Grier in his twitter "apology" said he was 'young and stupid' at the time (which was 3 months ago).

      It's important that we shed lights on issues like these and show that the community deserved a sincere and genuine apology, while refuting the concept that celebrities should be defended by fans and get off the hook even after doing things like this because of their popularity or looks in society.

      Please continue to show your support for the LGBT community by sharing and signing this petition! Thank you all for you do!


      Vine's Most Followed Person -- Nash Grier Drops Homophobic Slur

      Nash Grier -- the most followed person on Vine -- billowed out a homophobic slur so loud and angry it is truly shocking.

    4. More attention is being given to this issue

      Lawson Miller
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you all for your support, continue to share this with all of your friends. Let's show our support for the LGBT community, and that people care about things like this that are said and realize the effects that they can have on people.

      A story of the issue was recently covered by The Daily Dot which included some of his deleted homophobic tweets. Grier issued an apology on July 6th over twitter which was 308 characters. We would like to see a public acknowledgement and apology from Nash Grier, who ironically recently released a video "reading hate comments".

      The article can be found here: http://www.dailydot.com/entertainment/nash-grier-vine-tyler-oakley/

      Grier who makes videos practically as part of everyday life apologized through a screenshot of 308 character tweet and couldn't be bothered to mention it in one of his videos.

      The primary goal of this petition is to shed light on things like this and to show the LGBT community that they are supported despite fans who defend things like this, and popular people who spew things like this. Whether or not Grier is going to give a genuine or sincere apology or not, the purpose of this is to shine a light on issues like these and show the LGBT community that they have people who will support them ALWAYS, especially times like these.

      Continue to share this petition with your friends and wherever you can, we want to send a unified message that this kind of thing is unnacceptable. Thank you all again for your support and understanding.

      Vine star Nash Grier under fire for homophobic comments

      is a 16-year-old Vine star who currently has 8.7 million followers on the app. He recently got a movie deal with fellow Vine sensation Cameron Dallas. He's hanging out with Justin Bieber. In his spare time, he makes jokes about AIDS being caused by "fags."

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    Reasons for signing

      • 4 months ago

      Because hate is a crime.

    • Daniel Blake REEDSBURG, WI
      • 4 months ago

      Ignorance is not bliss, it is mindless hatred at its worst and leads only to more of the same.

    • Robbie Lockie LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 4 months ago

      Please get this petition to VINE and Youtube and have his pages removed.

    • Marie Fisher SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • 4 months ago

      Kids aren't born with hate; they learn it.

    • Patrick McCarron SYRACUSE, NY
      • 4 months ago

      I'm a "FAAAAAAAAAAAAAG" and I kinda hope Nash gets hit by a bus. He's a fucking spoiled asshole who thinks the world revolves around him when in reality he just looks like an idiot.


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