Soul Calibur 2 HD Online for Wii U

Soul Calibur 2 HD Online for Wii U

    1. Thomas Baur
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      Thomas Baur

      Roseville, MI

A lot of Nintendo fans love the Soul Calibur series. The second one was the only one to come over and it was a massively adored version, bringing in a lot of consumers and be the best selling version. Since then there have been a lack of Soul Calibur with Nintendo consoles and this is very surprising. Bringing this back would bring the series back to Nintendo and it would benefit both gamers and Namco in the end.

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    • Michael Lincoln LOS FRESNOS, TX
      • 3 months ago

      Im a person who only had Nintendo consoles and the first game i got for GameCube was soul calibur 2 it brought me and my cousins into gaming and this remake would make my dreams on playing soul calibur in a Nintendo console come true and plus you can make a lot of money out of it

    • Austin Jones JACKSONVILLE, FL
      • 5 months ago

      Well, I never played a Soul Calibur game before. So with an HD remake for the Wii U with Link, a character that I'm familiar with being playable, this would be a great opportunity for me getting into a new video game series.

    • Nate Hearing HARPERWOODS, MI
      • 9 months ago

      Soul Calibur is my favorite fighting francise, but now that Ryan Mock's petition is closed, what dose that mean? Is it being ported, or am I to be let down yet again like I have for the past ten years? Why can't ANY Soul Calibur games come to Nintendo hand-held or system? I love Soul Calibur SOO much but can't evan play it...please Namco, do it for your fans, I trusted you for far too long and have supported you for years in any way that I could, like other fans, and what do we get? Look, all I'm trying to get at is that I want to play your games on my favorite system just like how all the others want, Im not asking for much, SoulCalibur II HD Online ported or SoulCalibur Lost Swords ported, or maybe evan SoulCalibur VI ported any one of those would be jest fine with me and I'd be happy to purchse any of those as soon as they release at FULL price, as long as I can play my favorite fighting game again, I'll be happy, Thank you, and best of hopes. From: (SoulKnight).

    • Eduardo Lara STAMFORD, CT
      • 10 months ago

      I want link to come back again in the hd online version so that people can play with all 3 guest characters in 1 game for each console instead of seperate.

    • Ryan Lucht PITTSBURGH, PA
      • 10 months ago

      I want to see a full roster of characters. i love fighters and i want to see one on the wii u, espessially if it has link


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