My son died saving his little brother – it would mean the world to us to have his bravery acknowledged
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My son died saving his little brother – it would mean the world to us to have his bravery acknowledged

    1. john tyson
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      john tyson

      Gold Coast, Australia

My son's last words were "take my brother first".

He and his mother were trapped on the roof of our family car as the massive 2011 Queensland floodwaters surrounded them – and as a good samaritan waded in to help my brave little son Jordan, just 13 years old, insisted his little brother was saved first.

Jordan couldn't swim. He must have been petrified. But he put his fears aside to make sure his brother made it through the terrifying flood.

Moments later, Jordan and his mum were swept to their deaths.

Time can never heal what losing them has meant for us. We're still devastated, and struggling.

In the wake of the floods there was a glint of light in the darkness – there were calls by politicians in Canberra for Jordan to be recognised for his incredible bravery.

"The legend of Jordan's amazing courage will go on,” said Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Tony Abbott, who was opposition leader, said Jordan should get the Cross of Valour, Australia's highest civilian award for bravery.

I was so proud. I waited, waited and waited - but it never happened. Three years on, I feel like Jordan's bravery has been forgotten about, and all the talk by politicians were empty gestures.

I was offered a 'Group Family Citation' which I declined, because I believe Jordan should be considered for an actual bravery award. I believe the Cross of Valour, as Tony Abbott suggested, would be appropriate, is what should be considered. I am asking Tony Abbott to nominate Jordan for the award, and for the committee to reconsider this nomination.

Nothing will ever bring Jordan and Donna back. But it would mean the world to us to have his last moments of bravery properly acknowledged.

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    • Lynette Mitchell AUSTRALIA
      • about 7 hours ago

      It was an act of ultimate bravery and it would help his father's recovery.

    • Ashmeeta Nandan AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND
      • 1 day ago

      I support Jordan's courage!!! :)

    • Harang Kim PERTH, AUSTRALIA
      • 1 day ago

      Such deeds shall be remembered

    • John Green AUSTRALIA
      • 1 day ago

      it would be un-Australian not to , the boy is an out and out hero and should be recognized.

    • Paige martin AUSTRALIA
      • 1 day ago

      He's a hero to many. He deserves this.


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