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  • Petitioned Yehuda Weinstein

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Israeli Attorney General
Yehuda Weinstein

My husband was executed in broad daylight. Help me and my family get justice.

    1. Moira Jilani
    2. Petition by

      Moira Jilani

      East Jerusalem, Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Ziad Jilani was a dedicated, loving father and husband who was murdered by Maxim Vinogradov, a member of the Israeli border police, because he got in a small car accident. 

His death reveals how at any moment, a Palestinian can be randomly killed, labeled as a terrorist and have their death dismissed.

Since the beginning of the second Intifada at least six thousand four hundred and forty four Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli security forces. During this time no Jewish Israeli soldier has been charged in the killing a Palestinian.


Message from Moira:

My beloved husband, Ziad Jilani, was executed by Israeli Border Policeman, Maxim Vinogradov on June 11, 2010.  There is undeniable evidence that my husband was lying unarmed and wounded on the ground, posing no threat when Israeli Border Policeman Maxim Vinogradov shot him point blank in the head. Despite the multiple contradictions, revisions and blatant lies in the testimony of the soldier who killed him, exposed by the autopsy, the Israeli authorities have closed the case against Maxim Vinogradov and his commander Shadi Kheir Al-Din.

The closing of the case against Ziad's killer is a clear message to Israeli soldiers: simply claim that you suspect a Palestinian is a terrorist and you will not be held accountable if you execute him or her. My daughters and I have appealed to the Israeli Supreme Court to demand Israel's state prosecutor bring criminal charges against Ziad's killer and his commander. We seek international support, not only to get justice for Ziad but also to save the lives of future potential victims by sending Israeli soldiers the message that they can be held accountable for killing innocent people.

June 11, 2010 started off like almost any other day, except that before Ziad left he mentioned to me that we had not taken our three girls anywhere since they finished their exams.  He thought that they deserved an outing of their choice. After kissing me goodbye, he turned one last time to remind me to speak with them and decide where they thought they would want to go. Ziad told me to make sure that we be packed and ready when he honked his horn to signal us to grab our gear and head down stairs to his pick-up truck.

Unfortunately, he never made it home. That was the last time I ever saw my husband.

We had to conduct our own investigation to find out how my husband died. The alternative was the propaganda that he was a "terrorist." We set off not only to prove my husband's innocence, but also to unravel the lies that were being conveyed to the media.  We appealed to an Israeli judge to exhume Ziad's body, three weeks after we buried him. After the judge granted our request for an autopsy Maxim Vinogradov and Shadi Kheir Al-Din abruptly changed their testimonies, "remembering" more damning facts.  As the Israeli police had not chosen to interrogate any eyewitness other than the soldiers involved, we requested any independent eyewitness to go to the police.

The subsequent investigation concluded that Ziad was driving home from the Friday prayers at al Aqsa Mosque. In Wadi Jouz, a neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem. The lane to the Al Aqsa Mosque was closed by the Israeli Army and Border Police, while the lane from the mosque was cramped by cars, bumper-to-bumper. A stone, possibly from a nearby demonstration, hit Ziad’s windshield and he pulled into the empty lane, where a group of Border Patrolmen were walking on the road. The pickup truck apparently hit some of the soldiers causing light injuries. Only one soldier was hospitalized with scrapes. The Border Policemen immediately opened massive fire at and into Ziad's truck. The shooting hit other vehicles and injured a little girl sitting in a nearby car. Ziad fled from the bullets, seeking shelter in a nearby dead-end alleyway where his uncle lives. Three Border policemen ran forward firing into the alley. 

Ziad leapt out of the truck and ran in the direction his uncle's house. He was shot in the back and fell injured to the pavement. Border Policeman Maxim Vinogradov then walked up to my husband, put his M16 to Ziad's head, and fired three shots. According to an eyewitness, Maxim Vinogradov had his boot on my husband's neck and was screaming at him in Hebrew when he shot him.

 Twelve days before Maxim Vinogradov executed my husband, Israeli commandos had raided the Mavi Marmara, a Turkish ship carrying aid to Gaza, while in international waters, shooting dead nine of its passengers. On that day, Vinogradov responded to a Facebook post of his friend, Avi Yaacobov, which said in Hebrew "Exterminate Turkey and all the Arabs from the world." Vinogradov replied: " I am with you my brother and I with God's help will begin this." His friend replied, "And you, nock on wood, are capable of it." This is just one of many similar posts where Maxim expresses opinions calling for death to Arabs. Maxim is being supported in acting on his racist convictions by the impunity granted him by the Israeli authorities.

My husband loved life and enjoyed it to it's fullest, he loved people and animals and he loved us, his family, with a passion.  He was not a terrorist.  My American citizenship has meant nothing to the Israeli authorities and far too little to the American government.  I would like answers and to see to it that trigger-happy soldiers and police men serving in the Israeli military and border police are not allowed to kill more innocent people.

Please sign this petition. We deserve justice.

Thank you,

Moira Jilani



Recent signatures


    1. The state attorney's office has not yet reponded

      Moira Jilani
      Petition Organizer

      We are still waiting on a response from Israel's attorney general...will keep you posted! Lets keep sharing this petition until he decides.

    2. Deadline Postponed

      Moira Jilani
      Petition Organizer

      The state prosecutor's office asked the Israeli Supreme Court for another week to respond to the Supreme court as to whether or not he will press charges against the murderer of Ziad Jilani. There is still a chance until June 26th to Share the petition and ask your friends to sign!

    3. Lets Give This One Last Push

      Moira Jilani
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks to you on June 11th the world remembered Ziad Jilani and demanded Justice. See pictures form vigils around the world here. Two years after his execution in broad daylight Ziad's story was covered on Israeli Television.

      On Sunday, June 17th, three days before Israel's state attorney announces whether he has decided to press charges against Ziad's killer or to continue to sanction the killing of innocent people. Moira Jilani and her daughters will deliver the petition as well as a message from the memorials around the world to Yehuda Weinstien. To make sure that Yehuda Weinstien knows that the world is watching whether or not he presses charges against Ziad's killer lets give the petition one last push! SHARE the petition with your friends!

    4. Reached 2,500 signatures
    5. Day of Action & Memorials

      Moira Jilani
      Petition Organizer

      Two years ago on June 11th, Ziad was murdered after getting in a small car accident.

      In 9 days Israeli Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein must decide whether or not to press charges against Maxim Vinogradov, Ziad's killer.

      People all over the world will be attending memorials and taking action to remember Ziad's life and demand justice.

      Here's how you can help us find justice:

      1. Sign and share the petition

      2. Attend a memorial

      3. Help us get #EndIsraeliImpunity trending on twitter on June 11th

      4. Take a photo of yourself with one of these signs (http://killingwithoutconsequence.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Fill-in-the-Blank-Signs.pdf) and upload it to our flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/killingwithoutconsequence
      It will be included in a film we're making about the movement

      5. Share the film: www.killingwithoutconsequence.com

      Together, we can send a powerful message to Israel that the world is watching their decision.

      Thank you!

    6. Reached 2,000 signatures
    7. June 11 Memorials

      Moira Jilani
      Petition Organizer

      Dear friends,

      June 11th will be two years since my husband Ziad Jilani was executed by Israeli border-policeman Maxim Vinogradov in Occupied East Jerusalem.

      June 11th is also nine days before the Israeli State prosecutor must reply to a petition to the Israeli Supreme court by al Mezan center for human rights on behalf of myself and my daughters as to why he will not press charges against Ziad's killer.

      We need to let Israel's state prosecutor know that the world is watching his decision and that ZIad will not be forgotten. We hope that this knowledge will help him to do the right thing.

      Sign up to attend a memorial for Ziad on June 11th here: http://killingwithoutconsequence.com/?page_id=230

    8. Reached 1,000 signatures

      Moira Jilani
      Petition Organizer

      Israeli State attorney Yehuda Weinstein has requested a further extension to decide whether to press charges against the murder of Ziad Jilani.

      The request of a second extension reflects the indecision in the state attorney’s office regarding this case. This is our chance to make a difference. Please spread this message.

      Sign our petition demanding that Israel’s state prosecuter press charges against Ziad’s killer! Please email killingwithoutconsequence@gmail.com if you can organize or attend a memorial for Ziad in your city on June 11th.

    10. Reached 750 signatures
    11. A Word from Moira's Sister

      Moira Jilani
      Petition Organizer

      On June 11, 2010, my nieces lives were forever changed when their father, Ziad Jilani, was shot and killed in Israel by police/military in an area of Jerusalem. After what has been a harrowing time for my sister and nieces, there is a chance that the person who fired the fatal shots will escape any conviction for their actions; that Ziad’s life does not matter and can be disregarded. So I am writing to you on behalf of my nieces, and for all parentless children who have endured their loss, NO MORE. Ziad was college-educated, a humanitarian to all who he knew, and a person who prayed for a better world for his children. He was looking forward to taking his girls to dinner on June 11, 2010 – instead he was buried. This is his story and I implore you to watch the brief video of his life, their life and Ziad’s last moments alive.

    12. We passed 200 signatures in a day! Let's get to 500 by tomorrow!

      Moira Jilani
      Petition Organizer

      Watch the film and spread the word!

    13. Reached 250 signatures
    14. Reached 5 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Maclean Greg PONTYPOOL, CANADA
      • about 2 years ago

      Unfortunately things are very bad right now. I hope you find some comfort in justice but I know that it will never make up for your loss. My lord is with you.

    • lisette b lewis ARLINGTON, MA
      • over 2 years ago

      What are we doing to each other? Brutality on so many levels.

    • Lorne Temes TORONTO, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      Genesis 18:25, 18:19.

    • Seosamh Mac Muirí CO. LIATROMA, IRELAND
      • over 2 years ago

      Le dúil go gcoscfar an slad seo ar dhaoine agus goid a gcuid talún. Chun cur i gcoinne chóras na cinedheighilte. To stop the murder of ordinary people and the robbery of their land and property. To end the apartheid system.

    • Eric Jacobson LOS ANGELES, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      The intentional killing of one person by another person without justification or excuse is the legal definition of murder. There is every indication that this killing met the elements of murder. And there can be no impunity for murder under any circumstances. There must be a trial, either by a diverse jury in Israel/Palestine or via rendition of the killer to an international tribunal if necessary.


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