Stop selling disposable water bottles at Grand Canyon National Park
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Stop selling disposable water bottles at Grand Canyon National Park

    1. Deborah Patterson
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      Deborah Patterson

      Baltimore, MD

The Grand Canyon had sought ban on disposable water bottles as part of its commitment to reduce the number of discarded plastic bottles in the park — plastic bottles account for roughly 30 percent of the park's total waste stream. Although the ban would have included only smaller bottles and would not have applied to other beverages such as soda or juice, a similar program instituted in Zion National Park in 2008 helped eliminate some 60,000 plastic bottles in the first year alone. Coca-Cola stepped in and told the Park that were the ban to be enacted, it would reduce or eliminate its support for the park system. This petition is to show support for the National Park system in their efforts to keep our parks clean, while also sending a message to large companies like Coca-Cola that they need to learn to work for the greater good of the whole, rather than simply for their bottom line.

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    • Deborah Shillam KEIGHLEY, UNITED KINGDOM
      • almost 3 years ago

      Until ignorant people stop discarding bottles this needs to happen.


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