Mugshots on the Internet are unconstitutional
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Mugshots from being posted on the Internet

Mugshots on the Internet are unconstitutional

    1. Tracey Stewart
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      Tracey Stewart

      atlanta, GA

There are private companies such as,,,,, and many others who obtain arrests data, including mugshots, from law enforcement agencies around the country and posts this information on their websites. A simple google search makes them very easy to locate. Due to the Freedom of Information Act and the First Amendment, these companies are legally allowed to obtain and post arrest records and mugshots on the Internet, however the impact both directly and indirectly to the person who is in the mugshot, can be catastrophic. While these website owners capitalize off of the pain of others, thousands upon thousands are suffering from humiliation, embarrassment, and ruined lives as a result of their mugshot being posted on the Internet. Oftentimes, the person who was arrested, had no previous arrest or criminal record and have taken steps to put the unfortunate event behind them. However, moving on with ones life is next to impossible with his or her mugshot plastered all over the Internet for all, including current or future employers to see. How many times have you met someone either on a first date or a potential client for work, then went home and immediately googled that person? Everyone does this, and it can prove very damaging and hurtful, which is why I am starting this petition. Then, there is the issue of identity theft. In some instances, personal information such as dates of birth, height, weight, and home addresses are exposed on these websites - just enough information to be used to steal another person's identity.

It is absolutely imperative that these websites are permanently removed from the Internet as soon as possible, and any future right to post arrest records and mugshots is banned by an act of Congress. I cannot do this alone, and need your support. I will be advocating on behalf of each and every one of those affected by these websites. Our elected officials on Capitol Hill and the White House need to be made aware about this growing problem and do the right thing to stop it.

To make matters worse, the owners of these mugshot website are the same people who own the websites which claim to be able to remove mugshots for a fee. This is unconstitutional!

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    • Aimee Sanford ATLANTA, GA
      • about 2 years ago

      Its unjust that these companies can post this information and damage an individuals reputation before the courts find the person guilty or not guilty. It has certainly hindered my job search and some of the sites dont even give you the opportunity to email dismissal papers, the only way you can get your information is by paying them. It is pure extortion.

    • Ann Brzezinski BREVARD, NC
      • about 2 years ago

      I just read an article about this scheme on Reuters web site at and think this is despicable.

    • Doug Elliott FOREST PARK, GA
      • about 2 years ago

      This has hindered me from getting a job. An over zealous cop arresting me for a four year old ticket that had been paid.

    • bonn8e davis SANFORD, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      Because it private. Should be a choice of the person. Its invading my privacy

      • over 2 years ago

      These operations are profiting off of mistakes people may have made decades ago and hindering possibilities for people to pull themselves up and into a better life. Is the intention of criminal justice to hold people down and take away opportunities? People have already paid for their mistakes. It is unjust for these sites to make people keep paying.


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