Cancel filming of reality TV show set in Charleston, SC

Cancel filming of reality TV show set in Charleston, SC

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      Colin Raden

      Charleston, SC

As many of you know Charleston has been getting a lot of attention lately, being given #1 titles two years in a row. As a result many people have been vacationing to the city, which was gridlocked before this ever took place. Now, more packed than ever, CBS has been given the green light to start filming their television series "Reckless" which is only adding to the chaos. News crews for this TV show have been spotted on Broad and King streets, creating a slew of stop-dead traffic wherever they go. Now, today 7 August MTV has revealed that they too will be filming a new television series here in the Holy City called "The Real World: Charleston". THIS TV show is to be set at a house along the Battery, as well as many bars throughout the city. A link with more exact information can be found here: The purpose of this petition is to stop MTV from filming their new TV show here in Charleston, SC. The city is too jam-packed as it is. It takes 15 minutes to go one mile in some areas of the peninsula as a result of how many people are here, and it is creating a huge inconvenience for those that call Charleston their home. Sign this petition and hopefully we can show MTV that there simply is not enough room for them to film their reality show here.

On a completely different note than the issue of traffic and congestion, I'm sure all of you will agree when I say that Charleston is one of the last All-American cities that has not been grossly tarnished by anyone or thing. For me personally, I like being able to walk down the narrow, spellbinding cobblestone streets of the peninsula and feel the history behind it: not walk or run along the battery and see a bunch of grossly intoxicated kids smoking cigarettes on the front porch of a house that has more history behind it than they could even begin to fathom. If you really think on it, any MTV real word show has revolved around sex, drama, run-ins with the police, and drunken stupidity. I do no want to see this city succumb  to this behavior even moreso than it is now! Charleston dates all the way back to the 1670's, and I'll be damned if we let MTV's reality TV show ruin the multi-century old reputation behind Charleston.

Cancel filming of reality TV show set in Charleston, SC

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    • Andrew Cina BUFFALO, MN
      • 4 months ago

      I love visiting Charleston and would hate for the historical significance and architecture to be tarnished by MTV reality tv show.

    • marshall walker CHARLESTON, SC
      • 7 months ago


    • Kelly Goodley ORLANDO, FL
      • 8 months ago

      Don't ruin this beautiful city with This TV garbage.

    • Kathryn Witcher CHARLESTON, SC
      • 8 months ago

      Charleston has class, and MTV's show would bring the wrong media attention to Charleston.

    • Stacie Turcotte MT PLEASANT, SC
      • 8 months ago

      MTV makes crap programming, this show will only be detrimental to our city.


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