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President, MSNBC
Phil Griffin

Rehire Martin Bashir and apologize for urging his resignation.

    1. Barbara Manley
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      Barbara Manley

      Redmond, WA

Martin Bashir made some comments about Sarah Palin that the GOP/TP evidently took exception to. However, what he said was nowhere near as nasty, disgusting and treasonous as her own comments (and those of her cohorts) toward our President. No outrage is expressed for what the conservatives say about him. This is worse than a double standard and should not be tolerated! We need to make MSNBC understand that free speech works both ways - if the conservatives do and say things that are lies and misconceptions, we (and those who represent us) need to be able to call them out for it and object to what is being said. 

Phil Griffin, President, MSNBC
Rehire Martin Bashir and apologize for urging his resignation.

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    2. Sarah's Response to MSNBC's Action

      Barbara Manley
      Petition Organizer

      She says MSNBC knew they had to hold themselves to a higher standard. Can she not see the irony there? http://freakoutnation.com/2013/12/05/fox-and-friends-sarah-palins-nauseating-response-to-martin-bashirs-resignation/

      Fox and Friends: Sarah Palin's nauseating response to Martin Bashir's resignation

      On Fox and Friends this morning, Sarah Palin responded to the news that Martin Bashir resigned . She appears quite giddy at first, then plays victim, which is what she does. Palin said, "It was refreshing to see though that many in the media did come out and say, 'Look our standards have got to be higher than this.'

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    • Mark Sarver INDIANAPOLIS, IN
      • 22 days ago

      Liberals are muzzled for speaking uncensored truth while conservatives can blatantly lie with every breath. Besides, controversy equals ratings.

    • David Findlay GAINESVILLE, FL
      • 4 months ago

      I read what he said, it was not extreme, it was confabulated and misquoted in the Right wing B.S. machine. Bashir is among THE best.

    • Kathryn Titus ATHENS, GA
      • 4 months ago

      Perspective seems to be missing here. Instead of asking Bashir to resign, you should have asked Sarah Palin to find herself another country to be a nuisance in.

    • Sharon Goldstein NEW YORK, NY
      • 4 months ago

      A Free Press is critical for a free society to exist and flourish!

    • Mary M Davis WOODLAND, CA
      • 4 months ago

      Because I was raised during the Walter Cronkite, and Paul Harvey, years of media, and as a Communications major (2009), I am appalled at the despicable, venomous, and treasonous slander spewed by our "elected officials - past, present, and future" and "fair and unbiased" media, what a joke they make themselves to be.

      We need to revert to the "report just the facts jack" era, where all were held accountable and liable for anything said or implied otherwise.


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