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Save Adventure Playground

    1. Bella Snetsinger
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      Bella Snetsinger

      Irvine, CA

My favorite memory is playing at Adventure Playground on the shipwreck boat.  I remember all the smiles and laughter of the kids playing there.  Adventure Playground was the one place a kid could truly be a kid. Generations of Irvine children have enjoyed the unique experience that only Adventure Playground can provide.  Sorenson, a Danish landscape architect, created Adventure Playgrounds as "A playground in which children could create and shape, dream and imagine a reality."  There are 1000 Adventure Playgrounds in Europe and only three in the entire United States.  Let’s put Irvine back on the map by restoring the University Park Adventure Playground. 

           Irvine residents passionately protested the plan to shut down Adventure Playground.  The city appeased those protesters by assuring residents that they would get an equally unique, imaginative and dynamic playground, including water features, a tree house, climbing forest, shipwreck, zip line, and climbing wall.  Then after a few years passed, the city said the promised park was far too expensive and they will now spend 3 million dollars to build a park similar to the other parks in Irvine.   Irvine does not need another standardized park and it would cost far less to rebuild what’s already there than to tear Adventure Playground down to create something new.  Please restore Adventure Playground to its original glory where kids can use thier imagination and creativity.  

My friends and I are gathering together and signing this petition to request your consideration in the restoration of an Irvine landmark and an integral part of the Irvine Community.  

 Thank you so much for your time and consideration on this matter,

Mr. Mayor Steven Choi, Mayor of Irvine
Save Adventure Playground

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    • Maayan Bar-Yam SOMERVILLE, MA
      • 4 months ago

      Children today, especially in the US, are severely lacking in free play opportunities. This is a critical time for the United States to be creating more opportunities like Adventure Playgrounds, not fewer. Indeed the adventure playground movement in the United States is picking up steam, and it would be a shame to lose one of the older American Adventure Playgrounds.

    • Darren Foster IRVINE, CA
      • 7 months ago

      A real Adventure Playground (with water feature/mud) where kids can imaginatively play & get dirty in a different way than other cookie cutter Irvine parks.

    • Kamand Farhadi IRVINE, CA
      • 7 months ago

      Cause lots of kid liked that place and I want all that kids back


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