Mountain View City Council: What’s Wrong with the Development at Castro and El Camino (801 El Camino):Petition to Mountain View City Council
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Mountain View City Council: What’s Wrong with the Development at Castro and El Camino (801 El Camino):Petition to Mountain View City Council

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      801 El Camino

This development is being opposed on the basis that the proposed 170 units is too much density for the neighborhood, has inadequate parking to support the proposed retail businesses and residents of the development (that would share the parking), would result in the loss of valued neighborhood businesses, and therefore negatively impact safety, our school children, neighbors, and local businesses.    

The development as it stands contains the following:

  • 170 one, two, and three bedroom apartment units with 176 underground parking spaces for residents only.

  • The current 162 parking spaces for existing retail would be reduced by 59 spaces, about 1/3 less, and shared by retail customers and employees, apartment employees, and residents of the 170 units and their guests.
  • There is no designated guest parking for the development. 
  • The proposed development is 4 stories next to single story residences.

Local Business Impact:

  • Gochi’s Japanese Fusion Restaurant will be excluded from the development and forced to close or relocate.

  • Rose Market will not be accommodated during the 2 year construction phase so they can actually remain in business. There is no guarantee that they will not permanently relocate or even close.


  • All retail traffic in and out of the development will be forced into the existing alley, which will be shared by delivery truck traffic and garbage pickup for the businesses and residents.
  • Increased traffic in the area will pose safety issues for pedestrians, school children, bicyclists, and even drivers.
  • There are already approximately 1200 school children arriving at the nearby schools (Graham, Bubb, and St. Joseph’s) on a daily basis, most by car twice a day.
  • Existing traffic and the increase from the proposed development will create gridlock in the Castro-El Camino vicinity, and diversion of traffic and parking to quiet neighborhood streets.


Planting a four story 170 unit residential development literally on top of a quiet residential neighborhood composed of mostly single family homes and small 2 story apartment units will pose increased congestion and gridlock on Castro and El Camino, have insufficient parking for residents and businesses, cause diversion of peak commuter traffic to residential streets, risk public safety, and threaten the survival of local businesses.

If you share these values, please sign this petition and let our City Council know that development should mean the improvement, not destruction, of our neighborhood and that the current 801 El Camino plan should not go forward as currently proposed.

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    • Mary Chow MILLBRAE, CA
      • 18 days ago

      We love Gochi restaurant and it makes us want to come to Moutain View. Traffic would increase for already crowded neighborhood.

      • 21 days ago

      object to close GoChi restaurants

    • Yunita Citro MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA
      • 22 days ago

      Lets reserve community feel of the city of Mountain View. The traffic and housing market has been ridiculous and pushing people away from the city. Enough already! We don't need anymore expensive luxurious places like Carmel Village (San Antonio road)! We want affordable safe places for family!

    • Sophia Mao SUNNYVALE, CA
      • 23 days ago

      I shop Mountain View downtown. I don't want to see a traffic mess there.

    • Holly Jones MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA
      • 25 days ago

      Being a local resident I fear the overcrowding and the impact of schools and commuting to and from school and work. Safety is important.


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