Mountain Star Sports Group, LLC: Change the name of El Paso's upcoming Triple-A baseball team, the "Chihuahuas"
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Mountain Star Sports Group LLC
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Mountain Star Sports Group, LLC: Change the name of El Paso's upcoming Triple-A baseball team, the "Chihuahuas"

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      Alex Morales

      El Paso, TX

Baseball was once, and to me still is, considered America's pastime. Unfortunately not many people in El Paso, Texas feel the same way. In a predominantly hispanic area, more people show interest in sports such as soccer and football. Mountain Star Sports Group had an opportunity to change that when they revealed that they would be bringing the San Diego Padres triple A affiliate to El Paso effective the 2014 season. While I, as well as thousands of fellow El Pasoans, are grateful and excited for the great opportunity that Mountain Star Sports Group has graced upon our city, we feel that the team name they decided upon, "The Chihuahuas" strongly misrepresents our great city of El Paso. El Pasoans have shown numerous reasons as to why we oppose this name, ranging from "non-intimidating" and "stereotypically offensive" to downright "ugly". We as (tax-paying) citizens of El Paso request that Mountain Star Sports Group, LLC not only strongly reconsider the name of our city's baseball team, but allow our taxpayers to vote on the final name, not just simply "recommend" ideas for the name. 



Mr Alan Ledford, Mountain Star Sports Group LLC
Change the name of El Paso's upcoming Triple-A baseball team, the "Chihuahua's"

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    • Christopher Delgado EL PASO, TX
      • about 1 month ago

      I'm singing because I strongly agree with this name for our baseball name "The Chiuahua's"and find it extextremely insulting and offensive

    • cynthia dick EL PASO, TX
      • 6 months ago

      Paul why does the race card always come up? In every conflict SOMEBODY always claims foul by way of race! I'm white, born and raised here and i speak Spanish and the name is terrible. Yes, everybody thinks that we all weigh 300 pounds eat tacos and burritos all day long and have no class and no culture. Not just Hispanics but everybody who lives here. The dog has nothing to do with the Mexican culture,go back and read your history book. Its just a bad name and i am ashamed of the name. By the way, you do know who is part owner of the team, don't you?

    • Shannon Rose LAS VEGAS, NV
      • 6 months ago

      I lived in El Paso for 30 years so have some emotional attachment to it. The name somebody chose for the baseball team represents a tiny, ineffective, yappy dog. The name should portray substance, strength, and some menace.

    • Moises Bañuelos EL PASO, TX
      • 6 months ago

      To the people in change of the team. Please reconsider changing the name. We need motivation behind a tough sports name. The El Paso Chihuahuas aren't that name. How about the El Paso Rising Sun, The El Paso Desert Storm, or The El Paso Mountain Stars or Mountain Warriors. This is a box thing for our city and to just put a name like this is kind of humiliating. Please reconsider. With all due respect Moises Bañuelos.

    • Mike S EL PASO, TX
      • 6 months ago

      All Bark and no Bite, this will be the new slogan for this team. This name does not cry El Paso at all. It cries its a Dog Dog World with a "dog" that can not be considered mans best Friend or even should be considered a "dog"


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