Stop Computing Professionals Bill 2011 (CPB2011)
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Stop Computing Professionals Bill 2011 (CPB2011)

    1. Daniel CerVentus
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      Daniel CerVentus

      Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Update: Althought this bill is going to be focus on  CNII, which does not apply to ALL ICT professional. We will be updating more on this.


Malaysian IT professionals: beware, there are factions trying to create a Board of Computing Professionals Bill to Act. This is not positive for industry. Computer societies (like MNCC, BCS in UK, ACS in Australia) are one thing. But an Act just like we have for engineers/architects/lawyers/doctors only shows that there is monopoly coming soon. Remember, lots of people in IT don't even have degrees in their respective fields -- that’s the beauty of IT. This will probably not be allowed in the near future if we allow such a Bill to become an Act. (via Colin Charles)


According to


Oppose it because it seeks to force you to limit and narrowly define the scope of your talents.

Oppose it because the government is effectively trying to decide what you can or cannot work on and who you can work with.

Oppose it because unnecessary regulation like this will cripple, not enhance the already challenged industry.

Oppose it because this is a poorly thought out, badly put-together piece of bullcrap.

Kavilan Nakaswaram wrote on Facebook



  • 11 (1) (a) Board shall keep and maintain the Register - what are the guarantees that it will not be abused? Too much power.
  • 11 (1) (j) The board has power to establish any councils deemed fit by the Board - too much power to arbitrarily place control
  •  11 (2) and its subsections give the Board a lot of freedom in terms of financing. Opens the door to more wastage n corruption
  • 12 (2) - It does not recognize self-taught skills. Only those obtained through academic qualifications, training or professional certifications.
  • Qualifications for Registration with Board, Section 14: The qualifications must be recognized by the Board - Again, too much power vested. The Board has the power to decide wat qualifications it wants to recognize. No indication of what standards to follow. Remember how the MMC stopped recognition of medical students from Crimea State Uni? Stuff like that could happen with IT students.
  • Restrictions on unregistered persons, Section 19 - This is the mother load. There's a lot of stuff here that'll kill freelancers and even code modifiers.
  • 19 (1) (a) - if u are not registered, you CANNOT practice, carry on bussiness or take up employment that provides services defined earlier
  • 19 (3) Registeredd Computing Professionals may only provide Computing Services in the disciplines or specialisations of Computing he/she is qualified to practise. This basically states that if you are registered in Skillset A, you can't provide services for Skillset B, even if you know your stuff
  • Section 34 - CNII entities or person CANNOT employ non-registered practitioner, professional or services provider to perform computing services
  • Section 42 - You CANNOT sue the Board or its members in respect to anything.
  • Section 43 - Board and its members cannot reveal any information. Something like Official Secrets Act.
  • Section 43 gives the Board powers to not reveal anything. So you wont know the rationale behind their decisions that affects US.
  • 45 (1) - A fund shall be established, administered and controlled by the Board; 45 (2) (a) - Minister can approve funds.
  • 46 (b) - (The fund can be used for) paying allowances & other expenses of the members of the Board and other benefits. This simply gives the Board to use up the monies without proper control; especially if the Minister is in cahoots


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      Daniel CerVentus
      Petition Organizer

      From Wilz
      There are only two places in the document which talks about restrictions to non-registered persons. One says that non-registered persons shall not render the services of a registered person. The other says that only registered persons can render services for CNII

    3. Update on Bill

      Daniel CerVentus
      Petition Organizer

      According to Willie Poh
      The only thing that really changes with this Act is that critical government services will now only be serviced by an exclusive club which restricts membership according to formal qualifications or extensive proof of experience. Rest of IT not affected.
      After speaking with one of the proponents of the bill, and re-reading the Bill – it turns out that this has been a huge misunderstanding. If you read it carefully, you will find that only “CNII” (Critical National Information Infrastructure) services requires one to be registered. I.e., if you’re in the IT industry, and you don’t provide IT services for the government in critical areas, you don’t need to even be aware of the existence of this act.

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    • erman hassalli KERTEH, KEMAMAN, MALAYSIA
      • almost 3 years ago

      Because we don't need another poorly thought out law governing our lives?

      Because the intention of the law itself is suspect?

      Because trying to regulate information is futile? Have we not learned?

    • Saverinus Kitingan KOTA KINABALU, MALAYSIA
      • almost 3 years ago

      I'm not an IT grad, my background is property but I diversify into IT industry. Most businesses using IT nowadays especially in the innovation of new ideas. You don't have to be an IT expert to create new things related to IT. Many new ideas generated by non-IT people. The Bill will restrict development of new ideas.

      • almost 3 years ago

      We feel that the IT industry especially IT entrepreneurs will be locked out of opportunities if this Bill is passed. this Bill is detrimental to the development of the ICT sector in Malaysia. We see no reason why this Bill should be mooted as a way to improve the standard of IT Professionals in the country. We do have standards and certification that denotes the standard of IT professionals and hence this Bill is redundant

      • almost 3 years ago

      The Bill is completely divorced from industry reality. Unlike professions like law and accounting, IT advances very quickly. The Board will have to depend on paper qualifications for the certification process. But we know that the cutting edge is far ahead of the formal qualifications. It is not uncommon for passionate, self-taught programmers to be way better than formally qualified IT graduates. This Bill will kill innovation.

      It will also prevent honest, self-starting Malaysians from earning livings. The great thing about IT is anybody with initiative and passion can learn and be great on his own. No need to spend on expensive university fees. This Bill will shut them out.

      • almost 3 years ago

      We all know how this will actually operate. We all know the true motives of the people pushing this bill. Well long story short, this bill will make us look like China in so many ways.


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