Moraga school district: Issue a formal apology to Kristen Cunnane
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Moraga school district: Issue a formal apology to Kristen Cunnane

    1. Alyssa Gockley
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      Alyssa Gockley

      Lewisburg, PA

November 2012


From Petition Creator Alyssa Gockley: Public outcry in general made them rethink their nonsense. There was also a Stop Abuse Campaign petition started which helped spread the information. The school board president resigned and the school board has withdrawn the offending language and will potentially withdraw the entire defense.

No victim is responsible for their perpetrator's actions, yet the Moraga school district and three other defendants claim Cunnane "was herself responsible for the acts and damages of which she claims."

This is not only absolutely impossible, it is offensive, invalidating, and sets an awful precedent. Cunnane was 12-13 years old when these assaults occurred, making her both below the age of consent and child. The defendants and their attorney Louis Leone claim that a child is responsible for the actions of her adult perpetrator, who was in a position of power over her as a teacher.

It is unacceptable for this to happen, and we call for a formal apology presented to Kristen Cunnane on behalf of the Moraga school district and their attorney for issuing this appalling statement.

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    1. Moraga School Board president resigns!

      Alyssa Gockley
      Petition Organizer

      Moraga school board president Dexter Louie resigns without explanation - San Jose Mercury News

      Click photo to enlarge MORAGA -- Moraga School District board president Dexter Louie has resigned from his post without explanation just a day after winning re-election, the superintendent announced in an email to parents.

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    • Kristen Born STRAFFORD, PA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Absolutely no one is responsible for being sexual assaulted-ever.

    • Kirstin Clouser BERWYN, PA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Often perpetrators still do not understand that the act they are performing is sexual assault. We have to educate.

    • Sharon Elber BLACKSBURG, VA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Moraga school district, you should consider firing your lawyers. Imagine the example you are sending the young people in your care. This is just disgusting.

    • Erin August TIGARD, OR
      • almost 2 years ago

      You're seriously blaming the victim here? What does Moraga teach its students?

    • NIcolette Deplazes OMAHA, NE
      • almost 2 years ago

      The adult is responsible. End of discussion. We simply must, as a society, stop making excuses for this type of behavior.


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