monterey bay modernism: SAVE...the Connell House by Richard Neutra (1958) from demolition
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monterey bay modernism: SAVE...the Connell House by Richard Neutra (1958) from demolition

    1. karen lesney
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      karen lesney

      salinas, CA

GOAL: (Monterey County Planning Department) Deny proposed demolition permit of the Connell House by Richard Neutra,1958 and (State of California Board of Historic Preservation) Nominate the Connell House as a state historic landmark.

Location: 1170 Signal Hill Road, Pebble Beach


URGENT...VOICES of SUPPORT needed (via email):
The State Historic Resources Commission will be hearing the nomination for Connell House (1958 Richard Neutra) this coming Tuesday, April 22nd at 9am (Asilomar's Kiln Room in Pacific Grove, CA).

We need individual and concise "sound bites" to stress that this house is historic and should remain part of the Monterey Peninsula architectural mid-century legacy and to the world of architecture at large.

Please include your title / credentials / etc... when you type your name at the end of the message. Far afield or close to home here on the Monterey Peninsula, all such emails will help!

Ask for your email to be added to the Commissioners' packets and most of all, email ASAP before end of week 04/20.

The email address to put in the "To" box is:

Carol Roland-Nawi, CSHP Officer:

with three vital cc's to:

Ms. Roland-Nawi's assistant:
Jay Correia:
Amy Crain:

Thank you for your support!


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WHAT: Monterey County Historic Resources Review Board Meeting (HRRB)

WHEN: This Thursday, October 3, at 11:30 am

WHERE: Monterey County Administration Building, 168 W. Alisal, Salinas, Ca 93901 in The Monterey Room, Side A, Room #2092.

WHY: We are being urged to speak out about the demolition permit being applied for by the current owner of the "Connell House" in Pebble Beach, designed in 1958 by world renowned modernist architect Richard Neutra.




"Conclusion The Connell house is unequivocally an important example of the American International style, perfectly illustrating this design aesthetic within the context of the development of modern architecture in Pebble Beach.18 Despite a small addition and various alterations to some of the fenestration, it retains historic integrity. In my opinion, the Connell house is eligible for listing in the California Register of Historical Resources at the local level under Criterion 3."

monterey coast weekly

Copy of letter from Dion Neutra to Monterey County - public record

"Dion Neutra, architect AIA, FISD (son of Richard Neutra) said in his response to Monterey County Senior Planner Robinson, “I am writing to you in regard to the proposed demolition of the Connell house, 1170 Signal Hill Road, Pebble Beach, designed in 1957 by my father, Richard Neutra. Our records show it completed in 1958.
I have read the evaluation of the house prepared by Anthony Kirk, Ph.D., dated October 15, 2010, and am in agreement with his conclusion that it is an important example of modernist architecture. I also think the house exemplifies my father’s approach to design, which focused on a client’s specific needs and the character of the building site. It is apparent from photographs and Dr. Kirk’s report that the Connell house was masterfully integrated into the sandy landscape of Signal Hill and that it was designed to take full advantage of the marvelous view of the Pacific coast and Cypress Point Golf course.
My opinion of the house is based not only on my knowledge of my father’s work, having worked with him on so many of our projects, but also on my own extensive experience as a licensed architect, which extends back more than half a century. It would be a great tragedy if the only authentic example of a house designed by Richard Neutra standing in Monterey County were to be demolished.

We are including this house in the first volume of a book I'm writing at the moment, called "The Neutras, Then and Later". If because of CEQA we manage to save this house for a more sympathetic use, it will become an example that there ARE tools out there to save important parts of our built heritage!
Very truly yours, Dion"


Monterey County: Land Use Information Portal

Under Planning, enter 'PLN100338' for permit number for complete information.

thank you.

monterey bay modernism

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recent photo documentation (via raymond neutra):

special note: google earth is incorrect for its location.

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    2. ‎500 signatures attained...thank you!

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      we appreciate your support : )

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    4. NEWS UPDATE: Connell House...local aia chapter

      karen lesney
      Petition Organizer

      votes to draft a letter of support to county...thank you.

    5. NEWS UPDATE: Connell April 2012 E-News Brief of DOCOMOMO_US

      karen lesney
      Petition Organizer

      thank you docomomo-us...and docomomo-noca for bringing our local preservation efforts to the attention of your membership and readers. [scroll down to find: ADVOCACY: NEUTRA'S CONNELL HOUSE IN MONTEREY]

    6. PRESS UPDATE: Docomomo-US

      karen lesney
      Petition Organizer

      happy to hear that Docomomo-US will be doing a small feature on the Connell House and our preservation efforts in the upcoming newsletter.

    7. UPDATE GOAL: Need 400 Signatures!

      karen lesney
      Petition Organizer

      We are working to get 400 SIGNATURES by Thursday April 19th.
      This is when we will meet with the local AIA chapter of the Monterey Bay (AIAMB).
      Your continued support is important in providing a voice that demonstrates public concern regarding the possible approval for demolition of this residence by the County of Monterey Planning Department.
      Please forward our petition to your friends and colleagues.
      thank you
      monterey bay modernism

    8. news update...via local paper

      karen lesney
      Petition Organizer

      check out the latest write-up on monterey bay modernism and our latest efforts to the architectural preservationists of our modern peninsula past.

    9. SUPPORT UPDATE: Letter of Support via Docomomo NOCA

      karen lesney
      Petition Organizer

      Today we received a copy of the letter sent by Docomomo NOCA to the County of Monterey Planner citing support for saving the CONNELL HOUSE from demolition by working 'towards a solution that respectfully considers the historic significance of the building.'
      Thank you...Docomomo NOCA (northern california) for your support!

    10. UPDATE: we are well on our way to reaching our next goal of 300 signatures.

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    12. Second day...and we are already marching toward our next 100 signatures

      karen lesney
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      hi everyone:
      thanks for making our first day a success!
      it is only with your support that we may make the preservation of our local neutra landmark possible.
      remember to pass our link on to your family and friends.

      should you also wish to follow our other preservation efforts, see the link and follow us there or on facebook.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Stephany Stamatis INDIANAPOLIS, IN
      • 24 days ago

      I grew up in Southern California and am an Urban Planner. In college I lived and worked in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles, which has wonderful existing examples of modernist homes, including those of Richard Neutra's. I also interned for a short period of time with Dion Neutra, and grew to further appreciate the family's work and significant contribution to architecture.

    • Marc Kagan SPRING, TX
      • 5 months ago

      Its impofrtant because Richard Neutra was a one of the top Architects in the 20th century.

    • Dick League RALEIGH, NC
      • 6 months ago

      As an East Coast guy, growing up after WWII, Neutra's buildings always represented the best of the age - newness, hope, growth - and stamped Ca. with those qualities. Whenever I'm in Ca. I always look for his work to visit; and for my money anything he ever designed would be worth saving. Thanks for your consideration.

      Dick League

    • Gretchen Flesher MONTEREY, CA
      • 6 months ago

      This house is clearly an in-tack example of early modernism in the region by a renowned significant architect. Demolition of this cultural resource is an incentive to disregard the importance of the cultural

      development of the region and the people who cultivated modern design in California.

    • kelly locker AUSTIN, TX
      • 6 months ago

      the wonton destruction of our modernist history MUST be reigned in!


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