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Monsanto: Stop the use of roundup -label products treated with roundup

    1. Joy Leftow
    2. Petition by

      Joy Leftow

      New York

Roundup is the most used herbicide in the world, despite controversies over its safety.

Recent studies have shown just how much damage Roundup causes to both plants and animals. It damages DNA in agriculture, and leads to deformities in animals. Tadpoles exposed to Roundup completely changed shape as they developed. If that wasn't terrifying enough, scientists have found that Roundup spurs on Parkinson's and the first stages of cancer.

Children and boys develop breasts, men are also affected too. Although Soya is made resistant to Glyphosate, the commercial name for Roundup, the chemical is poison and affects people and animals who eat the products it is used on, causing skin and breast cancers in men and women and birth defects. Consumption also causes infertility. Scientists world wide have created experiments using the soya products created from soya products treated with Roundup. Soya products treated with roundup should be labeled so we have a choice about whether to consume foods treated with this chemical. A friend of mine told me her doctor determined through testing that her breast cancer was soya related and she is permitted no soya products at all. By the people who brought you Agent Orange!

The poison of the pampas, a documentary about roundup, filmed in Argentina with English subtitles.

You can search on youtube and the internet to find our more. And here is monsanto advertising their product, saying how wonderful it is!


And check this out: these doctors and scientists say it is worse than ddt

Glyphosate is actually, in many ways, similar to DDT, which is known to cause reproductive problems among other things.


Monsanto calls it biodegradable and friendly yet In 2009, a French court upheld two earlier convictions against Monsanto for false advertising.


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