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Disavow Ted Nugent's Support

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At a campaign event as an official Mitt Romney surrogate, proud misogynist and Tea Party member Ted Nugent used violent language last week about President Obama and other Democrats.

Speaking at the National Rifle Associations's convention, Nugent called Obama "vile" and "evil," and declared that if Obama wins "we'll be a suburb of Indonesia." He went on to say of Democrats generally: "We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November."

Nugent has a long history of inflammatory and offensive language, especially against women -- here are just a few of Nugent's disgusting utterances:

(On Hillary Clinton) "You probably can't use the term 'toxic c--' in your magazine, but that's what she is. Her very existence insults the spirit of individualism in this country. This bitch is nothing but a two-bit whore for Fidel Castro."

"And if you're a woman who feels that his lyrics to ditties such as the immortal 'Wang Dang Sweet Poontang' are sexist, Nugent says, 'Fuck you and go to a Garth Brooks show. Kiss my dog's dead, diseased, rotting ass. If you don't have a sense of humor, you're not allowed in Ted's world. I don't objectify women. I'd like to think that I'm optimizing their hardware.'"

Feminists "are just women who aren't getting it often enough."

The Romney campaign actively sought and boasted about Nugent's endorsement in March. Romney's son Tagg tweeted:

@tromney: Ted Nugent endorsed my Dad today. Ted Nugent? How cool is that?! He joins Kid Rock as great Detroit musicians on team Mitt!

With so much at stake in this election, using violent rhetoric while speaking to audiences of extreme members of the Tea Party is profoundly irresponsible. Mitt Romney's campaign has embraced Nugent -- we can't let them get away with it.

Speak out against violent, offensive rhetoric and tell Mitt Romney to disavow Nugent's support.

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    • Phyllis Marrow FORT WORTH, TX
      • almost 2 years ago

      What Ted said is immoral and harmful to the well being of out society

    • Willie mae todd AUGUSTA, GA
      • about 2 years ago

      It's illegal, and will result in a president not elected by the people. It will be a failure of our democracy.

    • Joy Smith MANISTEE, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      Ted's rhetoric is violent and false and has no place in the American dialogue for peace and prosperity.

    • sandra becker SOUTH BEND, IN
      • over 2 years ago

      I guess that we should pity him because it almost sounds like he's a little jealous of women...you know the old saying" Protesting To Much". His bitterness, I find humorous. Now his hate towards Obama, et al, is typical of the less educated. If you notice when you are around Universities of higher learning and higher IQ's they are more for the intelligent candidate...i.e. Obama and not people like Bush. I am affiliated with a University that only takes students that are at the top of their class and the majority of people here are for Obama, so I actually feel sorry for Ted, but that does not excuse his threats which should be taken seriously, because the last time when the bimbo from Alaska uttered the same words, people did get killed.

    • Monique Belton-Speller FALLS CHURCH, VA
      • over 2 years ago

      Mitt Romney isn't of leadership caliber if he allows this ignorant draft dodger to represent him.


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