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Miss America Organization: DESTROY the Stigma Against Women Based on Age, Sexuality, Race and Socioeconomic Backgrounds

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      Houston, TX

My name is Victoria and I am an African-American woman that is a firm believer in democracy, equality, and female empowerment.  On May 2013, I will earn my Bachelor's degree in Sociology. However, I have a strong career ambition to become a film actress. My next goal is to earn an Associate Degree from the New York Film Academy. The cost to earn a two-year degree is at least $80,000. With the help from the Miss America Organization, I may earn at least $75,000 worth of scholarship money. I always wanted to win the title of Miss America so I can be a positive inspiration towards girls and women whom experience civil injustice and condemnation due to age, ethnicity, and sexuality.  

By summer of 2012, I was not eligible to compete in the Miss America program because I was implied to be too senile to compete for the Miss America title. On December 17, 2012, I spoke with the Miss America Organization about my campaign. They told me that I did not fit their target age to compete for the title. I was discriminated by the Miss America Organization because of my age.

Before I get to the goal of this campaign, I would like to provide a little backstory of the Miss America pageant system.  As of 2013, the current local and state pageant age requirement is 17-24.  (Previously it was 18-28 until 1993.)  As of 2012, only eight African-American women won the Miss America title.  In addition, never an openly gay, bisexual, or transgendered female have become Miss America.   

Caucasian females winning the Miss America title every year is becoming a monotonous trend.  Also, it is unfair that most transgendered females are not percieved as legit competition in beauty pageants because they are not "real women".  Miss America Organization needs to become a more progressive non-profit scholarship organization for American young women that endures civil injustice.   

The Miss America Organization is creating STIGMA against women of the late 20's, females from poor socioeconomic environments, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered females.    This stigma is caused by ignorance and lack of compassion against those females that are facing discrimination because of their age, sexuality, socioeconomic class and beliefs.  Unfortunately for those women, they might be discouraged to compete in this prestigious and oldest American pageant system that may ostracize them. Also, they may feel intimidated to express who they are as individuals and to voice their beliefs because of fears of condemnation.  In order for those females to be fully welcomed and encouraged to benefit from this scholarship pageant, the stigma against those females must be DESTROYED

Please let us produce Miss America history by demanding Art McMaster, President & CEO and Sam Haskell, Chairman of the Miss America Organization to raise the age limit back to 28 years old and to permit transgendered females to compete for the title by the Miss America 2015 pageant season.  

America has a diverse population that is comprised of citizens from various demographics, cultural backgrounds and sexual preferences.  The Miss America Organization need to start reflecting the country's diversity in its pageant system.  My country is also about democracy and with many people supporting this campaign, TOGETHER we can make Miss America history.    

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    • ashley rock PITTSFIELD, NH
      • about 2 years ago

      Thanks so much for starting this petition. As i just started competing at the age of 22, and i will be aging out this year. I think it is a fantastic idea to expand the age bracket, and that this program has to offer a lot to young women!

    • Natalie McGovern OMAHA, NE
      • about 2 years ago

      Victoria, I am so happy to find someone out there petitioning this cause. I have a story to tell-I was a local titleholder in Nebraska but it was discovered I had aged out and out of 3 pageants I competed in locally no directors caught this mistake. I would have been eligible to compete in Miss Nebraska this year. The incident of losing my crown was most traumatic, and made me wonder how fair was it to not let older girls compete. I am now making it my mission to get the word out and to start a petition myself to change the age requirement. Together with your help and other girls who believe strongly in this, we can hopefully make a difference and amend the age requirement!

      P.S. It was smart to post the petition on Facebook, I think it is a wonderful idea! Good luck to you and hope to be in contact



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