Minnesota Legislature: Pass the MN SCI/TBI Research Grant Program
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Minnesota Legislature: Pass the MN SCI/TBI Research Grant Program

    1. Matthew Rodreick
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      Matthew Rodreick

      Mpls, MN

The consequences of paralysis following a spinal cord injury are devastating to individuals, families and communities. It is a physically, psychologically and financially costly injury. Researchers around the world are getting closer to developing curative therapies that would restore function to what is an otherwise incurable injury, but the research is woefully underfunded. Please help to pass this Bill in Minnesota that would bolster and speed efforts to bring relief to those of us who suffer from this difficult and devastating injury.

For more information about this Bill and its progress go here

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    1. Upside Down

      Matthew Rodreick
      Petition Organizer

      Upside Down

      Here it is, the last day of our vacation with family in Sedona AZ and I had one of those moments not traditionally associated with the joys of hiking, laughter, beautiful scenery and good food with good people. It started with me recognizing that for all the obfuscation, I live in Panem….the Capitol city of the Hunger Games universe. After malingering through a multitude of tourist boutiques and T shirt shops on the main drag where 90% of everything available for purchase was made in China, India or Bangladesh. You know…turquoise jewelry, cowboy hats and all manner of trinkety Americana chatchki….you can’t help but pause and think about who paves the roads on which we walk (metaphor). So, I was already getting kinda pensive.
      We’ll, I’m looking away out at the mesas that surround Sedona and started to tear up while thinking of all the places I had been that day that my son can’t go. And even some of the paths that he could make it to or through if he had one of those amped up all terrain wheelchairs, he can’t go the way he was made to go, and the way he loved to go…running, leaping, climbing, because most of his body doesn’t answer him when he calls.
      The feelings are like a flash flood of emotions about the pain of injury, the pronouncement of diagnosis both in the world at large from Ferguson to Gaza and SCI to ALS. I think of my friend Michael who died a couple of years ago from that devastating progressive disease and my friend Derek whose bright eyes still light up his Facebook posts while his body slowly moves away…and of course, daily, of my son’s journey with paralysis.
      While I am excited that ALS is getting the attention it deserves, I find myself feeling ashamed that I wish it was SCI that was exploding across social media. But of course there’s a long list of people affected by diseases and injuries who probably feel as I do and I’m sure everyone is thinking ‘how can we get on that viral train?’
      What I really want is a reorientation of our priorities. We lay down ungodly amounts of money to feed our appetite for war while we rely on buckets of ice coupled with $10 here and there to eradicate a horrific disease (wonderful expression that it is…and kudos to those who put that ice tray in the internets freezer). Someone please try and convince me that we wouldn’t see faster cures if we gave Research half of the military’s budget.
      It makes me wonder how much effort is required to keep us blind to the price we pay for the perks of Panem and forget the folks who live in District_____? This world needs to be turned upside down, so that it can be put right side up. I wish my hands were big enough to shake this blue ball but that’s why I’m writing you. With enough hands we might get a few good shakes…so join us. Subscribe, share, donate, attend our upcoming Gala (following post), find our Facebook page, Twitter account, tell your friends and lets get shakin’.

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    3. Lots of News

      Matthew Rodreick
      Petition Organizer

      Lots of News

      Hello all,

      I’ve got lots of news for you…since its been so very long since I’ve posted, but right now I just ask one thing. Please sign this petition to the White House: http://wh.gov/leJXF

      My friend Rob, one of our coalition members started this petition to get the attention that spinal regeneration deserves. The difference with this petition is that if we reach the goal, the administration has to discuss it and make a decision. This is also not limited to SCI but to all spinal cord disorders, so share it with everyone.

      I’ll update you on all the news soon



      Support a Spinal Cord Regeneration Initiative Project

      we petition the obama administration to: Restoration of the damaged spinal cord will improve the lives of more than 5.5 million people in the USA living with Spinal Cord Injuries, MS, ALS, and others suffering from neurological problems. This a humanitarian cause, could reduce federal healthcare costs over $10 billion/ year, and increase the work force.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Pat Lynch MINNEAPOLIS, MN
      • 29 days ago

      I have a friend that is confined to a wheelchair because of a spinal injury.

    • Andrea Borowicz LAKEVILLE, MN
      • about 1 month ago

      I agree we need more research to find a break through for Spinal Cord injured victims !

    • Brenda Minder GRANTSBURG, WI
      • 3 months ago

      family member was in a 4 wheeling accident

    • Rose Bauman DANBURY, WI
      • 3 months ago

      It should be important to everyone!

    • Jeff Thares LAKEWOOD, CO
      • 3 months ago

      My sister is a quad and this research could help her recovery.


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